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Store Finds: Photo Finish Re-Release, Wave 18 & More
This week we have a rather small store finds update for you, but an update nonetheless. One of finds was a new release of the Photo Finish fashion style, but we also have an art set and blind bags for you this week.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Wave 13B Blind Bags Released in the UK
Back in the days when the first 12-pony sets were released in the UK, it took quite a while before the second part of the wave was released. Now it seems that Hasbro releases them at (almost) the same time, as Wave 13B has been spotted at Tesco, 3 days after the initial finds of Wave 13A.
Thanks to Victor, we now have images of the second blind bag, and as you can see: There is no window to spot the pony! This means that it's necessary to read the codes again, and we have them below (Although we're not sure what code-sequence they use, at least the order of ponies is correct):

MLP Wave 13 Blind Bags
We've found some images online from a Hasbro partner confirming the Apple Family Figures, but the images also contained info on the upcoming Wave 13 Blind Bags! We've found images of new blind bags earlier, and they seem to match with the announced characters, thus confirming the contents and looks of the Wave 13 Blind Bag set! The set will contain 19 embedded-glitter ponies from Wave 3 and 5 'special' chase characters from the Apple Family (instead of the regular 3). We are not sure what their special look will be this time (I'm hoping glow in the dark!), but we'll probably find out soon. For now enjoy the images of all ponies we've spotted so far below:

Possible MLP Glitter Wave 13 Blind Bags
Taobao has sometimes got quite some interesting new things. For example, these Blind Bags were found recently. As you can see there are a lot of transculent Blind Bags with glitter inside their bodies and without painted manes. As you can see they also have the official Blind Bag eyes and Cutie Marks. Another interesting thing is that the combination of the body colour and Cutie Mark actually fit the resembled pony! A lot of these have been found so I guess that there's a really high change these will be for wave 13. As for now it seems like a lot of the Wave 3 Ponies will be included then. What do you think?

Thanks to Flitter for the heads up! We have more close-ups of them below with their names (only of the glitter ones)