Zulily MLP Jewelery Sale
Zulily has started a sale on My Little Pony products today, with mainly jewelery and a few other items. The jewelery on sale is made by World Trade Jewelers, of which we made a special post last year. Various pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets are available for 30-60% off. In addition to the jewelery there is also some clothing and two LED Christmas ornaments on sale.

Zulily requires you to get an account before you can see the sale, so be sure to create your account here first. Once you have an account you can search for My Little Pony, or use this link. (You might need to select US or Canada as your language in order to see most of the items).
Be sure to do it quick, as this event ends in just 24 hours!


  1. I want that princess celestia and Applejack necklace and put the charms on a bigger chain.