Bootleg Plush Handpuppet Ponies
The handpuppets above should trigger all bootleg alarms in existence, and so they should. These plush handpuppets are a variant of commonly seen 'fake' plushies (seen below), which in their turn copied the Aurora design. Both the mane, eyes and head design is close to that of the earlier spotted fakies, but Twilight's color seems to be way off.
The plush have a tag, but I can't exactly read what's written on them (possibly a fake Chinese brand). Head on down this post to see some more detailed images of the individual ponies!
Thanks to Ayu for sending this in!

Bootleg Plush Aurora Ponies

Bootleg Plush Handpuppet ApplejackBootleg Plush Handpuppet Fluttershy

Bootleg Plush Handpuppet Pinkie PieBootleg Plush Handpuppet Rainbow Dash

Bootleg Plush Handpuppet RarityBootleg Plush Handpuppet Twilight Sparkle


  1. Cute, but where is Rarity's horn? And why don't RD and Flutters have wings? :/

  2. Alright, I'm part GOTH and even THIS creeps me out. HOW IS THAT? XD

  3. Wth are fluttershy and rd wings go ewww so effing ugly!!!!!

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  5. they are selling them on the uk ebay i ordered my daughter a pinkie pie one for only £2.92.