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MLP Cheese Sandwich Guardians of Harmony Figure Coming Soon
 These days we heard a lot about the Fan Series Guardians of Harmony figures, but what about the regular ones? ToyWiz has listed two of them on their website including one we barely heard of: A Cheese Sandwich & Party Tank figure. Now actually this one was kind of expected as Cheese Sandwich was shown alongside the GoH Logo on one of Hasbro's presentations. Still I have no idea what the Tank will be but my guess is that it will be the one in the picture below from the Pinkie Pride episode. Here's the official description:

Launch into the excitement of My Little Pony adventures with the Guardians of Harmony and party pony Cheese Sandwich! This Guardians of Harmony Cheese Sandwich Party Tank playset is ready for action. Place the helmet accessory on the Cheese Sandwich pony figure and have a blast with this party pony! Load the tank with the funny pelican and chicken projectiles and launch for some laughs! The 3.25-inch Cheese Sandwich pony figure is poseable for fun action play and comes with a tank and 5 accessories, including a wearable badge. Also look for other Guardians of Harmony sets!
Alongside Cheese Sandwich the one with Soarin and Spitfire has also been listed, however the description in the same as the one of Cheese Sandwich so we don't know much else. The Cheese Sandwich one will cost $24.99 and the one with Soarin and Spitfire will cost $29.99. According to ToyWiz they will be available this August. You can pre-order Cheese Sandwich here and Soarin and Spitfire here. 

MLP Cheese Sandwich Guardians of Harmony Figure Coming Soon

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  1. Omw!!!! Gotta get the cheese sandwich party cannon!!!!