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My Little Pony the Movie All About Sweetie Drops Brushable
The second wave of the All About Brushables has made it's way to Amazon, included in this wave are Applejack, Lyra Heartstrings, Rarity, Soarin, Sweetie Drops and Twilight Sparkle.
In addition to the second wave of the All About Brushables, all three Seapony Cuddle Plush are also now finally listed. We already spotted Twilight Before, but Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash have now joined her. None of them are available at the moment but as always we'll keep you notified. Have all the listings below.

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MLP Reboot Series Maud Pie Brushable

Lots of new Brushables have been spotted on Taobao! At first we have a better look at some of the All About Brushables for the movie, but some other interesting news is that three new brushables have been spotted as well. The first one is a Princess Celestia with Tinsel Hair and painted accessories like her necklace. Her hooves are also covered in glitter.
The next two are perhaps even more interesting since Maud Pie and Coco Pommel join the new molds. Currently their release is unknown but we still have to see if Toys'R'Us and Target will be getting special releases. (we also still have that Songbird Serenade Brushable) With the SDCC coming up soon I think we'll here more info later.

MLP All About Brushables during New York Toy Fair 2017
We have waited for quite some years but our wishes have bee granted. Lots of people have wanted Boy Ponies with normal brushable hair for quite some time and now during the New York Toy Fair This year two BOY brushables have been revealed. And as expected we get one for two of the most popular colts on the show: Big Mac and Soarin. We can also see the whole line-up for the "All-About" line which included the ponies with some decals based around the show.

Expect more info during our coverage as well as more info about the other brushables. This image was taken from the video by MyFroggyStuff which we would like to thank for the video. :)

MLP Guardians of Harmony Spitfire and Soarin
It looks like the first normal Guardians of Harmony Toys are now available for order on Amazon. However, note that these are sold by a third-party seller wich means the price can be a bit high for now. They will ship this September and for now you can only get Cheese Sandwhich and the Wonderbolts.

MLP Wonderbolt Fashion Style 6-pack
Taobao already revealed that the Wonderbolts line would be a Target Exclusive line, but as always Argos UK also carries this line, and for some reason the new Wonderbolt merchandise has been spotted both in-stores and online... well only two sets.

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MLP Cheese Sandwich Guardians of Harmony Figure Coming Soon
 These days we heard a lot about the Fan Series Guardians of Harmony figures, but what about the regular ones? ToyWiz has listed two of them on their website including one we barely heard of: A Cheese Sandwich & Party Tank figure. Now actually this one was kind of expected as Cheese Sandwich was shown alongside the GoH Logo on one of Hasbro's presentations. Still I have no idea what the Tank will be but my guess is that it will be the one in the picture below from the Pinkie Pride episode. Here's the official description:

MLP Wonderbolts Cloudsdale Mini Collection
Finally one of the mysteries has been solved, and maybe more. For quite some time we kept finding new Wonderbolt Blind Bags on both Ebay and Taobao. But now a listing on Taobao has popped up with all of them in packaging. A total of 10 figures are included in this set including a Rainbow Dash Wonderbolt wearing the Wonderbolts outfit. The ponies included in this set are:

  • Rainbow Dash
  • Soarin
  • Spitfire
  • Fleetfoot
  • Icy Mist
  • High Winds
  • Thunderlane
  • Lightning Streak
  • Silver Zoom
  • Wave Chill

This new line is simply called Wonderbolts and it will be a Target Exclusive line. Not long ago we found a Wonderbolt Rainbow Dash Fashion Style and a few month ago we spotted Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy in the Wonderbolt Leader outfits so it seems likely that they will belong to this line as well. We hope we can provide you all with more official information later!

MLP Soarin over Equestria DVD by Shout FactoryMLP Everypony's Favorite Frights DVD by Shout Factory
Shout Factory has listed two DVD's that are both coming this August. The first one is called: 'Soarin over Equestria and has episodes themed around Rainbow Dash/The Wonderbolts. However two season 6 episodes will also be included. The fist one being Newby Dash which will air this Saturday and the other one is called: "The Fault in our Cutie Marks" We have yet to wait to see what kind of episode that will be. It will be released on August 2, 2016

The second one is named Everypony's Favorite Frights which is themed around Frights. It also has the Season 6 "Gaunted of Fire" episode included. It will be released on August 30, 2016. Have the listings and Synopsis below!

MLP Possible High Winds Wonderbolt Blind BagMLP Possible Spitfire Wonderbolt Blind Bag
And again several new Wonderbolt themed Blind Bags have appeared on Taobao/Ebay as two more have been found. The first one looks like a Spitfire without her "mask" but all the Wonderbolts kinda look like each other so it could also be someone else. The second one that has been found looks in color a bit like Soarin but since he has already been found I think this one is actually High Winds since she also has female eyes.