Wave 17 Blind Bags Images Released + CODES
The first images of wave 17 blind bags have been found, and Hasbro has been generous this time: HQ images of all ponies and blind bag cards are included! This way we were able to fill our MLP Blind Bag Database and figure out the codes for this wave! As expected, this wave is a re-release of wave 7, but with a missing characters like the wonderbolts (who get a release anyway) and Barber Groomsby. These have been replaced with Nightmare Night-themed chase figures, as we've seen before on eBay and Taobao. The regular characters are transparent ponies with embedded glitter (like wave 13), and the chase figures have regular material.
(Sadly, we didn't hear anything about the release of wave 16 yet)
Below we have a list of all the codes and ponies that we now know of:

My Little Pony Wave 17 Blind Bags Codes

Wave 17 Blind Bag Codes

Images can also be found in our MLP Blind Bag Database.
AA Pinkie Pie
AB Fluttershy
AC Twilight Sparkle
AD Rainbow Dash
AE Rarity
AF Applejack
AG Cherry Pie
AH Apple Fritter
AI Banana Fluff
AK Lilac Links
AL Cherry Fizzy
AM Banana Bliss
AN Sweetie Drops
AO Holly Dash
AP Berry Dreams
AR Lucky Clover
AS Lily Blossom
AT Apple Stars
AU Lily Valley
AV Berryshine
AW Lyra Heartstrings
AX Cherry Berry
AY Ace Point
AZ Cloud Kicker

We woke up early for these images and did quite some reasearch. If you want to repost the codes or images, include a link back to this page, or our blog. Thank you!


  1. I really like the wave 17 blind bag ponies i hope they have embedded glitter inside them like the wave 13 ponies that's ashame they didn't include barber groomsby i really wanted him to!

  2. I only want Berry Punch & Lyra cause they r so cute! XD

  3. I only need the aj and the rd figures because i didn't get a transparent glittery rd in wave 13 and the others i need but i really like banana fluff and lilac links❤