MLP Rarity FIM Collection and new GOH Chrysalis Listed on Amazon?
Ah! Don't you just love it that new merchandise appear right before you want to sleep? (It's about 11:30 PM here) Anyways three interesting new listings have appeared on Amazon. Two Rarity Themed ones and a new Guardians of Harmony one.

The first one is called "GOH Queen Chrysalis & Changelings Set" it's quite interesting to see that a second listing for Queen Chrysalis has been spotted but instead of Spike she will come with changelings. It could also be that this will be a "Fan Series' figure but the listing name doesn't indicate that yet. Guess we'll just have to wait, but I'm always excited for new Chrysalis Merch.

Next up we've found two Rarity Themed Listings. Again like with Queen Chrysalis no information besides the name is shown. But these names sound kinda playset-like, We also haven't heard much for a new FiM Collection Set and I think there's a very high change the next one will be Rarity Themed. So far we have the Carousel Boutique Playset and the Fashion Runway Playset. However these are still rumours.

Quite interesting finds isn't it? Let's hope more information will be revealed soon including some possible new listings.


  1. Very interesting indeed, and I'm always up for more Chrysalis merch. :)

  2. I really wish that the Rarity stuff is related to her Guardians of Harmony toy, but I doubt either of those sets are part of the line. They most likely are part of the FIM Collection as I believe to date Rarity is the only Mane 6 pony who has had 0 representation in any of the 3 set types. I'd still be happy about that, but I just really wish I had some new info on her Guardians toy.

  3. I really want the carasel boutique playset