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Last week we asked you whether you're getting any of the announced Funko Pop! Seapony figures. Overall you're mostly positive with 30% getting them no matter what, and another group (37%) waiting for the final designs and 9% of you is going to wait for the final price. 40 people are not going to get them at all, and another 7% is waiting for other characters to be released in the series.

This week we're trying a new concept with one-word answers: What was your first reaction to the My Magical Princess Twilight Sparkle yesterday? Let us know in the poll below and feel free to elaborate your answer in the comments.
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  1. It's not scary for me, it's just I think the final product is kinda strange. I think the mix betwen mechanical toy and a plush don't ended cool. I think that the design of 4th generation of MLP tends to simplify details and forms to achieve that adorable look, and I think, all those seams in bad places like the cheeks, the undefinied expresion of the eyes trying to adjust to the functional blink, the body looks kinda hunchback like those AT-AT camel-like vehicles from star wars, same whit the legs... and all of those features made a big mess in my opinion, I feel bad when I see at her, because I think she is diseased or something like that, and I feel sad and sorry for her. So seeing that toy hurts me in a strange way.

    1. Yeah Thats Right! The Final
      Product Only Looks... Stranger But Is Cool

  2. Its cool I want it besides it could give me nightMARES (get it?) and kill me in my sleep

  3. I want a Fluttershy version of this toy!!!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭