Wave 21 Blind Bags Listed on Amazon: First Moon Dancer Figure
Over on Amazon the first images of wave 21 blind bags have been shared on the listing currently still cryptically called "Kiosk Pony 7 Doll and Accessories". The figures included in this new wave is quiet interesting for various reasons, starting with the first official release of a Moon Dancer figure (ignoring the semi-related Playskool figure).
Secondly, the theme: There's a mix of crystal ponies and members of the apple family, two quite opposite themes mixed into one set. This set could be focused on Applejack and Rarity, of which the latter is not included, or it could be the theme of an upcoming episode or MLP The Movie. But honestly it can also be completely random as a one-off theme for this set.
And finally, in this wave a new style of chase figures is introduced with large glitter flakes on their mane and tail, which included Moon Dancer, a Royal Guard, Savvy Saddles, Trenderhoof and Svengallop.
Below we have a list of all characters included in this wave, including our current guess for the codes (of course we couldn't confirm them yet). You can also see the full list in our Blind Bag Database.

My Little Pony Wave 21 Blind Bags (Mystery figures)
AA - Savvy Saddles
AB - Moon Dancer
AC - Trenderhoof
AD - Svengallop
AE - Royal Guard
AF - Sapphire Joy
AG - Crystal Beau
AH - Elbow Grease
AI - Ivory Rook
AK - Fleur de Verre
AL - Braeburn
AM - Applejack
AN - Apple Bumpkin
AO - Perfect Pie
AP - Granny Smith
AR - Sassaflash
AS - Spring Melody
AT - Orange Swirl
AU - Blue Buck
AV - Fleetfoot
AW - Aunt Orange
AX - Dane Tee Dove
AY - Diamond Cutter
AZ - Mosely Orange


  1. "SAVVY" Saddles...

    And "Sapphire Joy" was already used for another character...

    Whoever names these toys doesn't pay a lick of attention.