MLP The Movie FiM Collection Tempest Shadow, Grubber, Pinkie Pie
It has only been a day, but the first new MLP The Movie listings from Entertainment Earth already got their images online! Above you can see the Tempest Shadow & Grubber and Pinkie Pie sets, and below are the 13" Seapony plush we expected to see.
Pre-orders for the Friendship is Magic Collection sets and 13" plush can still be placed.
As an added bonus we also got a sneak peak at some of the other sets in the upcoming Friendship is Magic Collection line, showing Shining Armor's Royal Chariot and the CMC and their balloon stand.
MLP The Movie 13 Inch Plush Seaponies
MLP The Movie Upcoming FiM Collection Sets


  1. Love the merpony plushies!

  2. I love these images that are pretty interesting and awesome to have something good to possess.