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Exclusive Songbird Serenade MLP The Movie Plush Shown at SDCC
Over at the Hasbro booth at the San Diego Comic Con more exclusive merch has been shown. This time in the form of three new plush: A Songbird Serenade plush that will be exclusive for Target, a Toys"R"Us exclusive Tempest Shadow and a Rainbow Dash in pirate outfit that will only be available at Walmart.
We're estimating that Songbird Serenade is 12" tall and the others around 10".
It's remarkable to see that these are yet again exclusive figures, as these are definitely not the first exclusive figures that will be released for MLP The Movie: Target has an exclusive line of merch, and will receive a singing Songbird Serenade figure soon.
Thanks to Anto for the photos!

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Exclusive Tempest Shadow and Rainbow Dash MLP The Movie Plush Shown at SDCC

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  1. THey could at least make it descent for an exclusive. These are horrendous.