EXCLUSIVE: Images of Wave 23 MLP Blind Bags
If there's one thing that's not going to end any time soon it has to be My Little Pony blind bags. We've already reached the announcement of Wave 23. According to the packaging it's planned to come out in 2018, so expect to wait a few months for these, but it'll be worth the wait!
Why? Well the huge amount of great characters! Cheerilee, Princess Cadance, Cheese Sandwich, Snips, Snails, Baby Flurry Heart and I can keep going on. Five of the characters will get the chase-treatment of large glitters in their manes, as with the previous Wave 21 and Wave 22 sets.

Below we have a full list of characters with images and names. It's a bit too early for codes, but we'll be sure to post about that once we're certain.

Wave 23 Blind Bags Overview

MLP The Movie Wave 23 Blind Bags Characters Overview
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Wave 23 Blind Bags Character List

- Apple Munchies
- Apple Split
- Baby Flurry Heart
- Bright Smile
- Cheerilee
- Cheese Sandwich
- Cloud Kicker
- Coco Crusoe
- Crystal Guard
- Dr. Whooves
- Flash Sentry
- Glamour Gleam
- Golden Harvest
- Lyrica Lilac
- Merry May
- Misty Fly
- Mr. Carrot Cake
- Mrs. Dazzle Cake
- Princess Cadance
- Snailsquirm
- Snipsy Snap
- Sunshower
- Trixie Lulamoon
- Twilight Sparkle


  1. At least Cheese Sandwich gets a new pose, and Trixie got a new body mold!? Though Cheerlie has the wrong mold with a bow mane. HASBROOOOO!

  2. I like seeing all these new blind bags, but none of the retailers around me ever get them in stock anymore. We've been stuck on the same wave for like an entire year now.

    1. YES Anto Lareneg! What gives! Stores are still restocking the pinkie pie and apple jack blind bags since forever. WTH

    2. None of the Targets in my area that stock MLP blindbags have gone past Wave 15. In a couple weeks I'll be in the NYC area so it's an opportunity to go hunting I guess.

    3. Same problem here, we didn't get wave seventeen until almost a year after it's release and now? Nothing once more. It stinks.

  3. I would have loved to have some changelings in these blind bags! Oh and Lightening Dust, a cockatrice, a discord.

  4. So they can make Flurry Heart but we still can't have Flitter or Cloudchaser? C'mon, Hasbro. -.-

    1. Well, Flurry Heart is a re-use of an older mold, which originally came with a playset, I think.

  5. Any store finds for these in Michigan?