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Store Finds: EqG Magical Movie Night, Skateboards & More
It's been another week since the last Store Finds post, and while we didn't see a lot of exciting news this week, we did get info on some new store finds! Check them all below, and don't forget to send in your finds as well!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Singapore - Play-Doh Confetti and Play-a-Song Book

MLP The Movie Play-Doh ConfettiMLP The Movie Play-a-Song Book
Two new MLP The Movie items at Toys"R"Us in Singapore right now, starting with Play-Doh. These cups contain special play-doh with confetti in them, creating a sort of stracciatella effect in your creations. All colors available are based on the mane 6 body colors, but aside from that there's nothing different from regular confetti doh. They're sold as TRU exclusives, but have not yet been spotted outside of Singapore.
Something else that was spotted, is a new Play-a-Song book for MLP The Movie. It plays various songs and comes with pages that accompany those songs. It's unknown whether this book and the included songs contain any spoilers for the movie, or that the songs are based on earlier MLP:FiM episodes.
(Thanks to Joelle)

Worldwide - Enjoi x My Little Pony Skate Equipment

Enjoi x My Little Pony Skate Equipment
It appears that this announcement has been out for a little while, but now stores are starting to stock up on it: G1 My Little Pony skate equipment. Released by Enjoi, who do more brand tie-ins, the range contains decks, wheels, griptape decals and clothing.
(Thanks to Frank)

US - EqG Minis Movie Theater and Equestria Girls Magical Movie Night DVD

EqG Minis Movie TheaterEquestria Girls Magical Movie Night DVD
I think nearly every country has this released now: The Equestria Girls Minis movie theater, featuring Juniper Montage. This one was found at Toys"R"Us, but might have been available in other store before.
However, something that is actually brand new, is the release of the Equestria Girls Magical Movie Night DVD. This is a collection of the 2017 Discovery Family specials Dance Magic, Movie Magic and Mirror Magic. It's the first time these are officially released, and a must-grab for those who missed the specials on TV. It can be picked up at Toys"R"Us and Walmart for around $10.
(Thanks to Victor and Kana)

Online - GoH Stratus Skyranger and Tempest Shadow on Walmart

MLP The Movie Guardians of Harmony Stratus SkyrangerMLP The Movie Guardians of Harmony Tempest Shadow
These two Guardians of Harmony sets from MLP The Movie have been available for a little while, but is has been reported that they're officially listed on the Walmart website now too.
Stratus Skyranger is $27.50 and Tempest Shadow is available for $19.99.
(Thanks to Bryant and SLPhotos)

US - Friendship Bead Kit

MLP The Movie Friendship Bead Kit
And to finish this post we have something rather random: a collection of beads for DIY projects, in the shape of Rainbow Dash's head! It's rather unique that they sorted the colors of the beads to match her face and mane! Also included are 6 charms (you guessed it, mane 6) to create bracelets. It's available at Rite-Aid for $9.99 a set.
(Thanks to TheBealtesPkmnFan42)

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