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Store Finds: Funko Seaponies, Stickers, Long Awaited Sets & Much More
We're back with another weekly store finds post! This time we've got loads and loads of submits, and aside from the US we'll also look at My Little Pony Merch news from the UK, Sweden and Australia. Enjoy!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Exclusive Twinkle Pinkie Pie, Seapony Collection & More Now on Amazon
Tonight various new MLP The Movie sets have finally become available! While some of them are now up for pre-order (including an Amazon exclusive figure), others are now in-stock and ready to order.
The exclusive figure is no other than the Pinkie Pie Twinkle Seapony, who comes with Gummy and both have a very unique glitter layer. They come in a collectors box, which also lights up to better contrast the glitter on both figures.
Another set which we expect to be an Amazon exclusive, is the Seapony Collection featuring Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and MLP The Movie-debut Princess Skystar. While Pinkie Pie and Princess Skystar have been released in bigger sets, Rainbow Dash is a new release, and this is a better way to get Pinkie Pie if you're not interested in the Seashell Lagoon.
Other releases that are now on Amazon include the Rubik's Crew Pinkie Pie Cube, Guardians of Harmony sets of Tempest Shadow and Stratus Skyranger, as well as the Sea Song Princess Skystar and Pinkie Pie.
Listings and additional images below. Thanks to Alex for the heads-up!

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Store Finds: EqG Magical Movie Night, Skateboards & More
It's been another week since the last Store Finds post, and while we didn't see a lot of exciting news this week, we did get info on some new store finds! Check them all below, and don't forget to send in your finds as well!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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My Little Pony the Movie Stratus Skyranger the Hippogriff Guard Guardians of Harmony Figure

The first time we got a glimpse of Stratus Skyranger was during the New York Toy Fair this year but now his official stock images have been spotted. Stratus Skyranger the Hippogriff Guard can be compared to the Big Spike one in terms of actions and complexity. His wings, legs and claws have articulation and he also makes sound and lights up. Have the official description below. 
A release date is unknown but it will be most likely this summer/fall.

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MLP Merch Poll #115MLP Merch Poll #114 Results
Last week we asked you which upcoming sets from the Rarity FiM collection you're planning to get. While there were quite a lot of options to choose from we do see some winners over the other sets: DJ Pon-3 and Fluttershy! They're on the wishlist of most people and leave a small gap between a few other sets that were quiet people, including Sapphire Shores, Twilight Sparkle, Aloe Boutique Salon and Carousel Boutique. The lowest scoring figure was the Pinkie Pie single, but just barely.

2017 Guardians of Harmony Line-Up + Stratus Skyranger Revealed
We already knew that the upcoming My Little Pony movie was going to play a big part in this year's line-up, and besides the regular brushables we can now confirm that the full range of Guardians of Harmony figures will be based on MLP The Movie.
In the photo above (credits to MyFroggyStuff) you can clearly see all the sets that are currently on display at the New York Toy Fair, most of which we've seen in the MLP The Movie press release from Hasbro themselves. The only figure not announced before is Stratus Skyranger, who will be this wave's "big figure", just like Spike was in 2016. For now the Storm King + Grubber statue is the only announced figure in the Fan Series range. More may follow later this year.