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Last week we asked you what your overall thoughts are on the restyled Equestria Girls line that's in the works for later this year. Sadly for Hasbro the general consensus is negative, with over 31% of you thinking they're much worse, and another group of 13% that dislikes them a bit. On the other side there's a total of 38% that likes the new style, with an equal amount of people really liking them and liking them a bit. Then there's another group of 18% who has no different opinion on them compared to the older dolls.

This week we'd like to know whether you frequently read our Store Finds posts. As of lately we've released them more frequently (at least once a week) and there's more submits than ever, but we do wonder if you actually like those posts! So, whether you read/like/ignore/hate these posts, please leave your vote in the poll and all additional comments are welcome below!
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  1. It's sad that the original Equestria Girls dolls still don't have public acceptance...; but well, still, for me, they "are" already in my cart, he he, :p

    About the posts of Store finds, really I love them, specially because they show me that the some merchandise (Pony, Equestria Girl doll) is availible in some place and soon will arrive "here" (in where I live, XD); however, there are instances that maybe never will arrive, but well, I hope so, and I will wait!!

  2. Mostly they don't matter to me, since I live in Finland. So, I read them occationally.

  3. I'm surprised more people said they were worse instead of just the same. I guess more people would rather have a low quality doll that has a more attractive face than a high quality doll with a less unattractive face.

    1. How it's say in any way: "In tastes, genres are broken";
      It's say, Many of we will prefer dolls with "anime or cute" style in face, no matter if are "simples" in desing, but "are" cute; others of we will prefer dolls ith great desing, no matter if their face or expression are not "pleasing", but are really well made.

      For me, while have "anime or cute face", don't worry for desing, but obviously, no exagerate neither, he he; and this case, the new dolls of Equestria Girls still are pleasing, but for me, the nose, well, I don't like "real" nose in dolls

  4. Can't live without store find posts. KEEP EM COMING

  5. I saw on the happy meal website that the next set of toys at McDonalds is MLP the movie. They will have 4 masks (Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle). And 4 pony figures (Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Twilight Sparkle) that come with a accessory.