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My Little Pony the Movie Songbird Serenade 12 Inch Cuddly Plush by Hasbro
Yesterday we blogged about a new Songbird Serenade Plush by Franco being spotted at Target. But I'm sure most of us also remember that Songbird plush that was shown during the NY Comic Con this year. Well this one has now been listed on the Target Website. This one is actually made by Hasbro like many of the other movie plush and she's 12 inches tall. She retails for about $15.99

Get the listing here!

Songbird Serenade is the most famous -- and fabulous -- music star in Equestria! Inspired by the My Little Pony the Movie, this soft and cuddly Songbird Serenade plush figure has her signature striped mane draped over her pony eyes and a fashionable pink bow. She's cute and cuddly, at approximately 12 inches in size! Pretend to recreate favorite scenes from the movie or imagine new stories with the Songbird Serenade cuddly plush toy.
Includes plush figure.
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