Fascinations Announces My Little Pony Metal Earth Model Kits
Ponies made out of metal is not something you see everyday, but soon they will be available for everyone! Building kit manufacturer Fascinations has announced a special series under their Metal Earth line that features My Little Pony building kits. With these sets you can craft your own 3D metal pony out of a single sheet of metal. There's no glue or soldering required as the metal parts are held together by bendable tabs. And don't worry, instructions are included!
The complete mane 6 will be available, and the square metal sheets measure 4" in diameter, so expect the figures to be a bit smaller than that. Each figure is fully colored and will cost $9.99 each, and can only be pre-ordered at BigBadToyStore at this moment.

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  1. Fluttershy looks so adorable!!!💙💜💚💛💘💝💖💗💞💕💓💟😍

  2. Those look awesome. If I see them, I just might pick up Fluttershy.
    I was wondering if you could add a check list of My Little Pony Build A Bear clothes. I'm mostly looking for a list of the outfits that have mlp on them (for example the dresses, shirts, and 2 piece outfits). I think I might have all of them, but if you could add a list I could make sure. If you add the list and need pictures I can provide pictures of what I have.

    1. We hear that quite often! We're looking at adding that soon :)

    2. Outfits have been added! :)

  3. Suddenly I wanna Build a Sunset Shimmer, Starlight Glimmer, Princess Cadence, Baby Princess Flurry Heart, Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, Spike,The Cutie Mark Crusaders including Babs Seed,Lyra Heartstrings, Moondancer, Trixie Lulamoon, Bon Bon and Derpy Hooves outta metal.