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BLACK FRIDAY DEALS: Overview of My Little Pony Merch
There's plenty of deals around the web on Black Friday, but where to start? We've summed up the places we could find to get great discounts on My Little Pony items and included handy links and coupon codes where applicable. Enjoy!


Of course Amazon is the place to be for Black Friday deals, but the exclusive deals for today are almost out of stock! Only Black Friday-exclusive item left is the red holiday stocking, but there's plenty of cool merch left that's on sale during the whole week.


Various deals on their My Little Pony brand page like costumes, Tinkertoys and books. And don't forget to use the coupon BIGDEAL012 for 15% off your purchase over $75.


Finding deals among all the toys that are on sale is a bit of work, but we managed to find the GoH Discord Statue (64% off) and the GoH Nightmare Moon Statue (50% off).

Entertainment Earth

The Guardians of Harmony Spike the Dragon is on sale today (from $44.99 to $29.99), but there's plenty of more deals for fans of other brands.


Almost everything My Little Pony related is on sale in the Enterplay shop! We've already bought a booster box of Dog Tags, so expect a review soon!

Hot Topic

Hot Topic no longer has a lot of figures in stock, but most of the apparel, Mystery Mini's and Loyal Subject figures are on sale!


Loads of TRU exclusive items, like brushables and Funko POP figures, are on sale during black friday. And shipping is free for orders over $29 too!


Only a handful of big deals, most other merch is down $1-$2, but perhaps there's something you like.


Quite a selection of figures, sets and clothing is marked down today!


This whole weekend you can get 20% off + free shipping on everything when you use the code BLACKFRIDAY17 when placing your order.

Thanks to Jewel for the heads-up on some sites!
If you have any additional place to score great merch for less during the weekend, then feel free to leave a comment to help your fellow collectors out!

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