Pirate Fluttershy Guardians of Harmony Figure Confirmed!
This week we got reports of a Pirate Fluttershy appearing in stores, but with the lack of images we had no proof of her existence. That changes today as a vague Thai Instagram shop shared images of her in packaging!
Judging by the packaging she's part of the Single Figure line, together with Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle pirate figures. In the box you'll of course get a Fluttershy figure in her pirate outfit, complete with articulation, a pirate Angel figure and a bottle. Compared to Pinkie and Twilight the accessory is a bit random, but it's great to see a pirate Angel!
So far this figure has been spotted in South Africa and Thailand, which is an odd release schedule for new merch. Usually we see it appear in Singapore first, then listings at wholesalers pop-up and then it gets a global release within a few weeks. This figure however, has none of those, which might indicate that this figure is an "international exclusive". Although that's just speculation, please do send us a message when you see this in stores so we can keep a close eye on when and where she appears.
Thanks to Tomo and kids_and_fun_shop


  1. Hope Pirate Rarity will come soon too!

  2. Monster Glad/ Leader PonyDecember 17, 2017 3:45 PM

    Does it mean that Celestia and Luna in battle armor from that unconfirmed announcement is coming soon to?

  3. And with Angel bunny! About time!

  4. Is there anyway to confirm the international exclusive theory? I love these pirate figures and want to get all of them, it's easier to know earlier rather than later if I have to import it.

  5. Does anyone know when Captain Celaeno is coming out? Please let me know if you do.

  6. I just bought this figure at a Walmart in Lakewood, CO yesterday!