KCompany Launches Line of Cute My Little Pony Plush
The Japanese manufacturer KCompany, who frequently makes plush and collectibles of anime and manga licenses, has officially started a line of My Little Pony plush. The complete mane 6 is part of this first wave of plush, each available in two variants: a sitting pose that's 3.3" (8.5cm) tall and a standing version that's 4.7" (12cm) in height. All ponies have chibi eyes and cutie marks on both sides, and the standing ponies have a keychain hook and charm based on their element.
Price wise these ponies are a bit on the high side: the smaller sitting plush are 1049 yen ($9.27) and the standing ponies are 1379 yen ($12.19).
You can get these plush at the online retailer Rakuten or in various local anime/manga shops. Whether you're able to get it or not, enjoy more images of the ponies below!
Thanks to Stinken1 and Ayu for the info!

MLP KCompany Plush Sitting ApplejackMLP KCompany Plush Sitting Applejack
MLP KCompany Plush Sitting FluttershyMLP KCompany Plush Sitting Fluttershy
MLP KCompany Plush Sitting Pinkie PieMLP KCompany Plush Sitting Pinkie Pie
MLP KCompany Plush Sitting Rainbow DashMLP KCompany Plush Sitting Rainbow Dash
MLP KCompany Plush Sitting RarityMLP KCompany Plush Sitting Rarity
MLP KCompany Plush Sitting Twilight SparkleMLP KCompany Plush Sitting Twilight Sparkle
MLP KCompany Plush Standing ApplejackMLP KCompany Plush Standing Applejack
MLP KCompany Plush Standing FluttershyMLP KCompany Plush Standing Fluttershy
MLP KCompany Plush Standing Pinkie PieMLP KCompany Plush Standing Pinkie Pie
MLP KCompany Plush Standing Rainbow DashMLP KCompany Plush Standing Rainbow Dash
MLP KCompany Plush Standing RarityMLP KCompany Plush Standing Rarity
MLP KCompany Plush Standing Twilight SparkleMLP KCompany Plush Standing Twilight Sparkle


  1. I will ask you for the last time: people of MLPmerch, would you mind to tell me if you still care for the Mane 6?

    1. personally, I tire of everything being the Mane 6. How many variants of them do we really need?

    2. Well, yeah. And it's true they get a lot of merch, but they're the most recognizable characters of the bunch. If 3rd party manufactuers start with a line of ponies, they're not going to pick background ponies as those will most probably sell worse than the mane 6.

    3. And we didn't ignore your previous comment, we just get a lot of them, so it's possible we jump over one.

    4. Personally for me, as characters no. I will never be tired of them. As mascots? A little. They’ve been heavily marketed for almost 8 years now and I wouldn’t mind a refresher on which characters are made into what toylines. I would like it if background or supporting ponies got some love as well not only in the blind bag and brushables lines, but the overall franchise brand as a whole.

    5. Even is understood the point that the MLP franchise has many characters, in addition to mane 6, and also, I would like to see more of other characters in the line of toys; there is a "thing" that for that reason there are many toys of the mane 6 that of other characters, and it is the acceptance, popularity and finally, in relation to business, sales, in another words, success and profits.

      Now, if the complaint is also why you see and always see the same "mane 6", well, that is better than a doll that is 60 years old, is blonde, has a lot of popularity, and still sells, and you know who I mean, yes, she all alone (even, when she has "friends").

      Sorry for many erased posts, mistakes in my writing, oh well ...

    6. Yeah, I do yawn at all the infinite mane sixes, but it's understandable why that's what you get at this point. It's what sells best to kiddos. I'm not complaining. I've got more than enough ponies and other collections, haha.

  2. I'm tired of the mane six too. It's more fun to collect unique new designs

  3. I do like how each member uses their respective element, that’s a nice touch. If I’m able to I will be picking these up, that Pinkie is too precious for her own good.

  4. Oh wow!!, What a cuteness!!!, Really I want them right now and hug them!! (yes, even if they are small, XD)

  5. I sent an e-mail a while back to you guys regarding this reboot packaging Pinkie Pie I found. I am not sure if you got it or not but it isn't on your database so here ya go: https://www.claroshop.com/medios-plazavip/fotos/productos_sears1/original/2640958.jpg

    1. Sorry! We still have tons of mails to go through, yours is probably in that stack