Store Finds: Valentines, Tempest Shadow & Much More!
This week we're doing things a bit differently in the store finds post. We've got quite a lot of submits, and instead of splitting it by the person who submitted the news, we're dividing the post per store. This way it's a bit easier to see which sets were found in every store.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Canada - Cosmetics & More at Dollarama

Despite Canada's size, we don't get a lot of news submits from there, hence we put it on the top of the list this week! Available at Dollarama is a bunch of cosmetics stuff and accessories. They're likely not the same quality as the PÜR line, but with $1.50-$4 they're certainly much cheaper!
(Thanks to Knadire)

US - Tempest Shadow Lightning Glow at Toys"R"Us

I couldn't remember if she has already been spotted in the past few weeks, and if so: friendly reminder! This large Tempest Shadow figure has a light-up effect on her horn and cutie mark, and looks amazing!
(Thanks to Sophia)

Singapore - MLP the Movie Two-Packs at Toys"R"Us

I can't believe these were available in the US before Singapore got them (or I'm missing something)! Yet, here they are, finally in Singaporean Toys"R"Us shelves. Included are sets with Capper & Rarity, Pinkie Pie & Princess Skystar and Twilight Sparkle & Songbird Serenade.
(Thanks to Adrian)

US - New Friendship is Magic Collection Figures at Big Lots

The release cycle of the new Friendship is Magic Collection figures is a bit off from regular releases. They started to pop-up in The Philippines (not Singapore) and are now available in the US at Big Lots (not Target or TRU). On the positive side: Big Lots is pretty fair with the prices, charging only $5 for the small playsets.
(Thanks to D. Kabow)

Online - New Equestria Girls Minis at HasbroToyShop

Quick update from Hasbro's own online store: The new Equestria Girls Minis Applejack and Rarity sets are now available!
(Thanks to Alex)

Online - Fluttershy Purse Pet Care Playset at Amazon

The Purse Pet Care playset, featuring Fluttershy, is pretty new and so far we didn't spot it on the list of in-stock figures on Amazon. Glad to see that Alex had a keen eye!
(Thanks to Alex)

US - Lights, Valentines & More at Dollar General

Bright Idea: A reverse-coloring book, looks interesting!
LED Flashlight: Looks like a redesigned lamp from years ago, but now with MLP the Movie designs.
LED Night Light: A small but cute night light with Twilight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie.
MLP The Movie Trading Card Value Pack: A cheaper variant of the regular booster pack with less cards.
Valentines: The simplest of Valentine cards (you'll see why in the store finds below)
Valentines + Glitter Tattoos: Upgrade set of Valentines, with glitter tattoos and heart seals.
(Thanks to Rana)

US - ColorUps at Dollar Tree

This isn't your average coloring book: It's a single 10" by 13.5" poster with non-flaking glitter and 4 markers to color it in.
(Thanks to Rana)

US - Stickers & Tinker Toys at Five Below

Stickers: For a moment I thought these were dog tags, but they are in fact stickers! Interesting detail is that these have a lenticular effect on them
Tinker Toys: The K'NEX spin-off line of My Little Pony Tinker Toys is popping-up in several stores, but is still absent from larger retailers like Target and Toys"R"Us as far as our information go.
(Thanks to Rana)

US - Hopper, Scrapbook Set & Socks at Ross

Hopper: A relative hopper (or bouncing ball) that's 15"/38CM in diameter with a cute Rainbow Dash design.
Scrapbook Set: Large set with a scrapbook, markers, a gel pen and tons of different stickers.
Socks: Plenty of socks in kids sizes. The labels have the newer logo on them, but we're not sure if the designs are new too.
(Thanks to Rana)

US - Valentines & Bandages at Walmart

Valentines: Another upgrade version of the earlier valentines, this time with stickers and a glossy box!
Bandages: Got a little paper cut from all those valentines? No worries! Walmart got you covered with this box of 20 shaped My Little Pony bandages in different sizes.
(Thanks to Rana)

US - Stickers & Valentines at Target

Valentines: The ultimate valentines set that comes with scented tattoos! You're able to mix-and-match the valentines and tattoos as they're individually packed. They do all small like green apple, though!
Sticker Treats: Small boxes with stickers to hand out to your friends!
(Thanks to Rana)


  1. I recently got a mlp led flashlight as a Christmas present from
    My aunt.

  2. Actually saw the set with Capper and Princess Skystar in a few Walmarts

  3. I found stock images of the new FiM Collection figures: