Store Finds: Captain Celaeno is Finally Here + Meet the Mane 6 + More
It's finally confirmed: the long awaited Captain Celaeno figure from the Walmart-exclusive MLP The Movie line is available in stores! Also included in this post is the Meet the Mane 6 set, new releases from Mexico and some more photos of the Finders Keepers surprise eggs.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Captain Celaeno + Applejack Now at Walmart

There's no further need to delay the news: as seen above the Captain Celaeno and Pirate Applejack sets are available in Walmart stores around the US. We've gotten multiple reports from various stores, so there's a good chance that your local store has one laying around.
(Thanks to M Peterson for the photos + everyone else for the reports)

UK - Meet the Mane 6, Little Golden Book, Chocolate Pinkie Pie + Claw Machine

Three sweet finds from the UK this week, with one of the first finds of the Meet the Mane 6 set (from eBay UK), the Little Golden Book "Twilight Sparkle: Best Aunt Ever!" (Amazon UK) and a Marks & Spencer's Pinkie Pie made from white chocolate with raspberry and strawberry flavor (In case you're wondering about the 3D goat design in the background, that's Andrew's personal work).
And finally a photo from a claw machine near London Eye, which now serves Posh Paws / Famosa plush as a possible price.
(Thanks to Andrew)

Mexico - Meet the Mane 6

Guess what other country got that Meet the Mane 6 set? Somewhere in Asia? The US? Nope, it's Mexico who's happy to receive this new line of figures as one of the first country. The photo above was taken at a Liverpool store.
(Thanks to brokenxchrysalis)

Mexico - Sparkling & Spinning Skirt Ponies

Also found in Mexico, but at Jugetibici, are the Sparkling & Spinning Skirts brushables. As shown the complete set with Songbird Serenade, Pinkie Pie and Rarity is available in-store.
(Thanks to sutcliff_grell.87)

US - Finders Keepers

While the Finders Keepers were already shown in the previous store finds post, there are two little additions that we'd like to share with you. First, the store price is now $1.98 each, just like the online pricing, and secondly: more photos!
(Thanks to Samantha)


  1. I really love the molded hair of Rarity from the "meet the mane 6" set. I hope they would release almost the same sculp but in a guardians of harmony version of Rarity figure. Pretty please :(

  2. Don't think they're selling Celaeno at my Walmart. =/ Been to it several times now and haven't seen her once.

    1. Eh, too late for me... got bored waiting and bouth Celaeno from china for about 38 AU$, free shipping. Would have cost me about this much here in Hungary too anyway, IF we even had any GoH sets beyond wave 1 anyway.

  3. Btw, Hungary TESCOs finally got the Rarity wave of mini sets - Photo Finish, DJ Pon3, Sapphire Shores, etc.

    1. Lucky. Like with the Celaeno figure, I haven't been able to find any of those in stores either. :< Shame, as I really want that DJ Pon3 figure. Guess it's back to Amazon for me.