Amazon has listed a LOT of new stuff! We get some Brand new Cutie Mark Crew 5-packs including an adorable Photo Finish Figure. We also get some new "mystery" listings where we don't exactly know what it's gonna be and at last we got some listings for items we knew are coming and already had the images for, but didn't received an Amazon listing yet. Expect a massive list below!

New listings with images

New "mystery" listings.

Other Listings


  1. I’m excited to see what the mystery ones are gonna look like (if they’re new)

  2. Some of these are now available on Amazon for pre-order with a release date of....tomorrow.

  3. oh wow!!!, incredible new stuffs will arrive very soon, and, well, my saving money is some low, *sigh*

    and, wait, Amazon USA?!
    *sigh* x10
    (not shipping to Mexico........., and Amazon Mexico is very poor with My little Pony and Equestria Girls in its catalogue.....)

  4. Don't use Amazon myself *They do lots of horrible things* But hopefully these listings showing up means other sites & stores will get them soon as well.

  5. The one I want the most is the one I fear I shall never have, that fan series one with Trixie and Starlight. :(

  6. please give them to me please. the ones i want the most is the one i fear i shall never have.... please. seen just now. Bro said "seen just now"