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My Little Pony Crochet Book
Are you a fan of crocheting? Or maybe you actually want to learn to do so! Anyways for those there's a very interesting book coming up simply called: "My Little Pony Crochet" by Jana Withley and published by Thunder Bay Press. The book contains 12 patterns to make adorable amigurumi ponies!
The ponies included are the whole mane-six plus the three Princesses and 3 who are still unknown. My guesses are Spike, Starlight and maybe Trixie/Sunset or Shining Armor. Or maybe the Cutie Mark Crusaders.
But don't worry about having to buy all the supplies as this book comes with a crochet needle and enough thread to make Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash.

However we have some sad news as well as the book will be released on March 12, 2019, so that's quite a long wait. But maybe you can already start practicing your crochet skills. ;) So far the book isn't able for pre-order yet but we'll let you know when it will.

Find the listing here!

Achieve harmony crocheting these cuddly ponies!
Find peace and harmony while creating these adorable amigurumi characters from My Little Pony Crochet. The step-by-step paperback instruction book has full-color photos so you’ll be sure to get each stitch exactly right. The kit contains everything you need to make Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash: yarn, a crochet hook, felt, a large needle, embroidery thread, and stuffing. Kids and adults alike will adore the cuddly creatures you bring to life. Directions are included to create all twelve of these popular ponies!

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