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Store Finds: Lots of Random Merch and Discounted Sets
We were quiet busy with the new all-generation databases, and are preparing for the release of our book later this month, but that doesn't mean there's no store finds to be shared! This episode we don't have a real scoop to share, but we did see some new random merch from the US and UK, as well as various discounted items that you might want to check out.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Mountain of 'Magic of Everypony' Sets at Costco

While not a new set, it's impressive to see such a pile of ponies in one photo! It appears these have lost their Target-exclusive status and are now available in big amounts at Costco for half the price.
(Thanks to Samantha)

Germany - Friendship Festival Mare-Y-Go-Round

The Mare-Y-Go-Round from the Toys"R"Us exclusive Friendship Festival set isn't new either, but this is the first time we hear about the set being available at Toys"R"Us stores in
(Thanks to Marcus)

Mexico - New Stock at Jugueterias Cepeda and Woolworth

Over in Mexico two store chains added new merch to their shelves, which are now pretty up-to-date with recent releases, including Cutie Mark Crew and School of Friendship sets. The photos above are from Jugueterias Cepeda and below is from Woolworth.
(Thanks to Sakura)

US - Halloween Book and Fluoride Rinse

Walmart is well prepared for Halloween, both before and after trick-or-treating! First you can get in the Halloween mood with the My Little Pony Halloween Rocks coloring and activity book, and after eating tons of candy you can clean your mouth with the MLP anticavity fluoride rinse. How thoughtful!
(Thanks to Rana)

US - Rainbow Dash Pillow at Sam's Club

No, this is not a Minecraft-crossover, but an incidentally square pillow of Rainbow Dash! It's about two feet tall and wide, and is available at Sam's Club for $8. It's made by the Northwest Company, who we know from the plush and pillow sets.
(Thanks to Rana)

UK - Many Finds From Poundland

In the UK, and in this case Northern Ireland (not to be confused with the Republic of Ireland), Poundland has stocked up on plenty of My Little Pony stuff. It's a bit much to go through in detail, but know that most stuff was £1-3, with the exception of the poncho and backpacks show, which were £5 each.
(Thanks to Rana)

UK - Stuff at Home Bargains

In that same UK a store called Home Bargains had plenty of MLP merch too. As seen the bigger sets were £12.99 each, but went for £20 per 2. And you could go full pony-style by wrapping it up in MLP wrapping paper and carry it around in a My Little Pony big shopper to top it off!
(Thanks to Rana)

US - Equestria Girls Friendship Party Pack

I had a bit of a search in our own records, and don't recall anyone finding this set, outside of the listing on Amazon. So, if you didn't get this big set with 7 dressed Equestria Girls dolls you can now pick it up at Meijer!
(Thanks to Rana)

US - New MLP Items at Five Below

And finally we have some updates from Five Below. Most interesting item is the Sky Skiff with Tempest Shadow figure that's available for just $5. Also spotted was a G3.5 book, which was probably laying around a warehouse somewhere for years, and a sheet of rhinestone stickers. Both were $3 each.
(Thanks to Rana)

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  1. I just got Tempest's Skiff from Five Below! I'm really impressed with the detail, and I can't believe it was so cheap! Definetly worth the price, and thanks MLP Merch for telling me about this!