Store Finds: Ornaments, CUBD Plush, Mouth Wash & More!
We've got a US-only post today! As with the past few weeks there's nothing new in the Hasbro-department, so we're looking at various merch items from 3rd parties. As we're heading towards December there's more news from Hallmark, but we talk about a toothbrush and a "cloud" plush.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Itty Bitty-Styled Twilight Sparkle Ornament

To start with a new release from Hallmark: a second Itty Bitty-styled ceramic ornament. We've seen Pinkie Pie before, and now Twilight Sparkle gets the honor of turning into tree decoration. She can be found at Walmart at the Christmas decoration.
(Thanks to Samantha)

US - Twilight Sparkle "Cloud" Plush by CUBD

More Twilight Sparkle merch in the form of a CUBD plush, which is marked as "cloud" on the product label. That same label at Walmart says "$1.96", which is pretty cheap for the size of it! Inside the plush is a soft squishy material, so maybe she can double as a stress ball?
(Thanks to Samantha)

US - Kid's Smile Gift Pack

While my idea of a gift pack does not contain mouth wash and a toothbrush, but I'm sure there's plenty of people who would enjoy receiving this set! The Firefly bundle comes with an 8 fl oz bottle of fluoride rinse, a travel bag, toothpaste and a light-up timer toothbrush. And all that is just $9.88 at Walmart!
(Thanks to Rana)

US - Magic Style Ponies

At first I thought this was yet another re-release of the Just Play styling heads, but these have an extra feature in contrast to the previous releases: they're magic! On their cheeks they have a cutie mark that can change color when stroked with one of the included accessories. Both were spotted at Meijer for $19.99 each.
(Thanks to Rana)

US - Mega Mystery Power Box at Walmart

If you saw the photo above and thought "hmm, this looks familiar", you're right: the MJ Holding Company, who usually re-packs Pokémon and other TCG booster packs, made a My Little Pony mystery box. For $19.98 you can a random selection of at least 1 deck, 1 collector's tin/box, 2 micro comics, 4 TC/CCG packs, a triple pack of TC cards, a slap band and stickers. There's also a chance to get a Funko Vinyl figure, which I expect comes instead of the collector's tin/box.
In total this should get you about $65 (MSRP) of items, which is a good deal if you're into collectible cards.
(Thanks to Jody)

US - Equestria Girls Minis at Best Buy

I'm not sure what Best Buy's regular My Little Pony range is, but they've just expanded it with two sets of Equestria Girls Minis! Both the larger theme park sets ($9.99) and beach singles ($6.99) are now available in stores and online. Little warning though: the online listings are marked as "styled may vary", so they will probably pick a random figure.
(Thanks to Felipe)

US - Differently Packed Twilight Sparkle Ornament at Target

And finally another small Hallmark update with this Twilight Sparkle ornament that's not packed in the red Hallmark box, but simply on a string with a cardboard hanger. She's $8 at Target, together with several other Hallmark ornaments.
(Thanks to Sophia)


  1. The Mystery Box assortment has been out for around a year in WI. It comes with either a lunchbox (2 or 3 styles), the solstice set, or very rarely a vinyl.

  2. I would love to see more real looking g1 ponies and g1 merchandise. The new ponies look like deformed shit trolls.