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Series 3 Cutie Mark Crew 5-Packs Found Early at Target!
A big scoop today with the first sightings of the Series 3 Cutie Mark Crew 5-packs! While the singles were first found The Philippines, these 5-packs were just out and about at a Target store in Texas. Though, at the counter they noticed that these were not yet in the system, so perhaps they were released a bit too early in stores. Nevertheless we now have photos of the sets and know which hidden characters are inside!
(Many thanks to Mark for the photos and info)

Series 3 Cutie Mark Crew 5-Packs Found Early at Target!

The first set is called Championship Party, and comes with 3 visible and 2 hidden characters: EqG Sunset Shimmer, Seapony Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Spitfire and Rarity. The other set, called Tea Party, comes with EqG Applejack, Seapony Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Maud Pie & Pinkie Pie.
Seapony Fluttershy, Seapony Rarity, Spitefire and Pinkie Pie come with a glittery semi-translucent body, the others have a regular finish.
Also, do note that, just like the single blind packs, these are filled with confetti, so be sure to open them with a bit of care (or take out the vacuum cleaner)!
In these sets Maud Pie and Spitfire are new characters, but we (kind of) already knew what they were going to look like, thanks to an early release of these sets a few months back on Quidd. Shortly after they were pulled from the app, but we expect them to return soon now that the 3rd series is hitting the stores.

Series 3 Cutie Mark Crew 5-Packs Found Early at Target!

Now that we know the names of these sets, we can confirm that two of the Amazon listings found earlier are for these Cutie Mark Crew sets: Championship Party & Tea Party.

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