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 It's been about two week since our last post, so time for a new report on the latest store finds! We've got a post filled to the brim with interesting releases, some neat price drops and loads of random licensed merch.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Glitter Seapony Pinkie Pie & GoH Discord at Ross

A big price drop for two larger collectibles figures at Ross recently: the Glitter Seapony Pinkie Pie, which was originally an Amazon-exclusive, is down to $14.99 and the Guardians of Harmony Discord is only $5.99.
Do note that these were generally available for a lower price on Amazon that the MSRP, but at the moment Ross sells them both for $5 less than the online price.
(Thanks to Vincent)

US - Series 2 Cutie Mark Crew at GameStop

We're sure that plenty of stores are currently stocked-up on the Cutie Mark Crew series 2 figures, but if you didn't find them yet, be sure to check our your local GameStop, as they have them available in-store.
(Thanks to Samantha)

US - Wave 1 G1 35th Anniversary Ponies at Walmart

For quite a while Target exclusively sold the 35th Anniversary G1 ponies, but now Walmart is also allowed to sell them in stores, and they do so with a nice display too! It's just the first series of ponies right now, but it's not unthinkable that the other waves join soon too.
(Thanks to M)

The Netherlands - Playskool Friends Pinkie Pie Plush

It's been quite a while since the Playskool Friends line first dropped, but even in 2018 we're still seeing some of the earlier releases pop-up. This week we spotted this oversized Pinkie Pie plush, which originally released in 2016, at a Blokker in The Netherlands. It was originally priced at €14.99, but because of the "Sinterklaas"-sale, it was 50% down to €7.50.

US - FYE Exclusive Colored Vinyl Record

This could be the first time we write about a vinyl record, but here it is! FYE rocks this exclusive colored vinyl (spoiler alert: it's pink). Both sides are filled with several songs from MLP:FiM.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Polar-X Ornaments

These ornaments were found on Walmart.com, but it's possible that you can find these in stores as well. I don't think these are new for this year, but they're a nice find (and the bundle shown here costed only $17).
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Loads of Random Merch from around the US

Below we have a big set of miscellaneous store finds of various chains around the US:

Dollar General
At Dollar General you can find some cool scratch-off drawings, activity books, hair accessories, a deluxe spa set and a Princess Cadance styling size pony. All items range between $1 and $5, expect for the spa kit that's priced at $10.

I personally didn't even know Aldi was active in the US, but I was amazed by the amount of stores they have! Reason I went looking was this store find of cute socks and mini play packs. The latter set comes with an 8-page color book, 2 crayons and a sticker. The bundle comes with 10 packs, and hopefully there's a bit of variation on the crayon colors (else those drawings will be a bit dull with just two colors).

Five Below
Here for $5 you can get this Pop-Outz Mega Color Pad, which is immense in size! It comes with 50 pop-out drawings, which you can color in with the included markers. There's a selection of ponies, messages and scenes to color, so it should keep you (or your kids) occupied for quite some time.

Hobby Lobby
A store I've only heard from once before has a big update on My Little Pony stuff. It's mostly creative stuff, including more pop-outz and stamps.

Last time we wrote about the "magic" styling ponies that were found, and this week we can confirm that Rainbow Dash is also part of the line-up. Also available at Meijer are these cozy Twilight Sparkle slippers.

Some new licensed stuff at Walmart too, with a purse, winter hat, wrapping paper and a set of lip balms and a small tin.

And finally, over at Walgreens there's a revival of the basic Equestria Girls dolls from 2014-2015, as well as new Rainbow Dash backpack, two Firefly toothbrushes and the new Twilight Sparkle ornament from Hallmark.
(Thanks to Rana)

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  1. The Fan Series Discord didn't come from ROSS. I recognize the sticker and floors from the 99 cents only store.