Store Finds: Friend of Equestria, BaB Celestia, Playskool Baby & Much More!
We're back with a merch-filled store finds post! In this edition we show you more Playskool Baby merch, an exciting release at Costco, loads of random items at Dollar Tree and much more.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US & Mexico - Friends of Equestria Collection at Costco

Big news from Costco: the Friends of Equestria Collection, featuring the Mane 6, Princess Celestia, Princess Cadance, Princess Luna, Spike and Minty (!) is now available for just $24.99!
Reason we're mentioning Mexico is that it's available online there too at Mercado Libre, though it's a bit pricier at $40.
(Thanks to Victor, Nimrodel & Javi)

UK - Cute Line of MLP Beauty Accessories

Every once in a while Primark release a new line of MLP-themed beauty accessories, and they just released a new set. Lip smacker, balms, face mask, bath salts and more is all included in the new line-up. I personally really like the colors of packaging this set comes in!
(Thanks to Sebby)

UK - More Exclusive Playskool Baby Merch

And there's more news from the UK, with some additional items from the My Little Pony Playskool Baby line we didn't see before. In the listing that was found on eBay we see a hooded towel with Twilight Sparkle design, a blanket with Rainbow Dash patterns, Pinkie Pie plush and Pinkie Pie comforter. Aside from the mentioned listings it seems that the availability of this line is still scarce, at least online.

US - Rainbow Tail Surprise Available at Walmart Too

Earlier we wrote about the availability of the Rainbow Tail Surprise set at Target, and now Walmart joins the party too. Price-wise the difference is marginal: $29.88 vs $29.99.
(Thanks to Samantha)

Online - Princess Celestia Returns at Build-a-Bear

In the online store of Build-a-Bear you can now get a new version of the Princess Celestia plush. While it's not 100% sure if the pattern differs much from the original, they certainly renewed the accessories: crown, necklace, cape and shoes all differ from the original release.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Tons of Merch at Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree has greatly expanded their My Little Pony merch range in the past week! Included are MLP colorforms & sticker sheets, jumbo erasers, 48pcs & 50pcs puzzles, magic towels with various pony designs and blind bag with silicone bracelets or key chain charms.
(Thanks to Jessie & Victor)

US - Meijer Stocks More EqG & Cutie Mark Crew

Big releases at Meijer last week, where you can now get the series 5 Cutie Mark Crew blind packs (confetti alert), Equestria Girls Rainbow Power dolls, EqG Minis Sparkle Collection and the new Rainbow Lights floating sea ponies (Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash are also available on Amazon).
(Thanks to Victor)

US - New Merch at Target

Target has been a loyal retailer of the retro ponies by Basic Fun, and has not only started selling the G3 retro ponies, the year 3 Rainbow Ponies have also appeared on the shelves.
Aside from retro stuff there's more news: the Cutie Mark Crew Collectors Guide is now available in-store, as well as the new Rainbow Dash Hallmark Christmas ornament, which is marked as a Target exclusive.
(Thanks to Victor)

And if you can't get enough of the retro ponies, why not take a look in our very own My Little Pony Collectibles Book? 96 pages full with My Little Pony releases throughout the ages from the first My Pretty Pony to G4.

US - Rainbow Road Trip Dress-Up Ponies (Fashion Style)

And there's news from Walgreens too, where you can now find the Rainbow Road Trip line of Dress-Up ponies, or better known as the Fashion Style ponies. The line contains the usual suspects Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle, each with their own basic dress and accessories.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Jumbo MLP Chalk Set at Grocery Outlet

And we finish this post off with a small but fun new release at a store I never heard of before: Grocery Outlet. Said store marked down this My Little Pony Jumbo Chalk set down to $3.99, for which you get 4 huge chalk sticks with plastic casing to keep your hands clean.
(Thanks to Samantha)


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