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Store Finds: Scented Plush, Kinder Egg, Sparkler Variant & More

We're back with another store finds post! After the pre-order announcements from Mighty Jaxx and Funko it's time to take a look what's all available right now. There's quite a variety of items in this post, ranging from ornaments to scented plush and Kinder Surprise eggs.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Mega Friendship Collection at Target

And we start the post with the release of the Mega Friendship Collection at Target! These were first spotted online in July, so it took quite a while before they finally got released. The set contains the complete mane 6 and 3 princesses, all in fashion style-size (about 5.5"). And you also crowns, necklaces and hair accessories for the ponies. You can get this all for $69.99, both in-store and online.
(Thanks to Victor)

US - New Hallmark Rainbow Dash Ornament now at Walmart

Every year Hallmark releases one or more new My Little Pony ornaments. This year we're getting a new Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie. While these have been available on their own site for a while, Walmart has now started to offer the Rainbow Dash figure in stores. Pinkie Pie wasn't there when the pictures were taken, but perhaps she'll pop-up soon.
(Thanks to Matt)

Australia - Brand New Scented Plush

I don't think we ever got an announcement for this, but right now you can get scented plush of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle at Big W in Australia. By the looks of it they stand about 5-6" tall and they have a 'sweet scent', but we couldn't find any information on the specific smell yet.
(Thanks to chirpytoys)

Online - More Hair Accessories & Press-On Nails

Last time we wrote about Townley Girl, who released a set of My Little Pony hair accessories on Amazon. Now, they've extended the line with filled hair accessory tin and a press-on nails set.
(Thanks to Samantha)

US - Two Different G1 Retro Sparkler at Target

We're not sure if more people have spotted this yet, but at Target two sets of the latest G1 retro ponies are available: a set with only English descriptions and a multilingual one. The English version is the one that we've posted about, and can be seen on promotional images. However, aside from a different box there's also something particular going on with her mane: the international version has an extra streak in her mane to match that of the classic G1 Sparkler, making it lilac-red-lilac. The English version however lacks that, and only features lilac-read hair.
(Thanks to Angie)

Mexico - My Little Pony Figures in Maxi Kinder Surprise Eggs

While plenty of countries have gotten My Little Pony toys in their Kinder Surprise eggs back in 2015 and 2017, all of a sudden Sams Club in Mexico released a new wave of figures. Though, they're only partially new: by the looks of it the set is a mix-match of earlier releases and combines the existing large Rarity and Pinkie Pie figure with a new (larger) version of Fluttershy.
(Thanks to umaru_uwur)

US - Second Series of Cutie Mark Crew Back at Dollar Tree

Over at Dollar Tree they've released an old batch of Cutie Mark Crew figures. It's from series 2 to be precise, and they should cost only $1. So if you're still missing some of these figures in your collection, Dollar Tree is the place to be.
(Thanks to raccoonus_doodus)

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  1. I'm surprised the big kinder surprise figurines have haired tails now, they didn't at the original release, only the refular egg ones did.