Amazon Lists Snow Party Countdown Advent Calendar for Pre-Order

When the Snow Party Countdown advent calendar was first announced as part of the big wave of releases, we had no idea about the exact release plan for it. Since the advent time is still a few months away, we were expecting a release in the fall season. But it turns out we don't have to wait that long: Amazon just added the Snow Party Countdown set as a pre-order listing with a release in just 4 days, on August 1st.

While the box is sealed, the contents behind all the doors have already been revealed in the original announcement: 25 figures, of which 16 ponies and 9 other animals as well as 6 sticker sheets. All figures share their molds with G4.5 releases, but are based on ponies from G5. In our database we've attempted to name these ponies the best we could.
(Thanks to Splash Lights Photos for the head-up!)

Pre-Order MLP: A New Generation Snow Party Countdown Advent Calendar on Amazon >

- 25 DAYS OF SURPRISES: My Little Pony advent calendar for kids features 25 gem-shaped cardboard doors with a surprise behind each one
- 16 PONY FIGURES: Features 1.5-inch mini pony figures with molded hair, including Sunny Starscout and the Mane 5
- PETS AND STICKERS: Some doors have pets or stickers hidden behind them! Includes 9 adorable critters with Unicorn horns and 6 stickers
- WINTER THEMED: Includes a snowy background scene for imagining winter stories, plus fresh winter-inspired characters and designs
- GIFT FOR KIDS: Adorable present-inspired package makes this My Little Pony: A New Generation toy a great winter holiday gift for girls and boys ages 3 years old and up


  1. I'm excited to learn the names of the rest of the new characters. maybe the doors will have little excerpts about them as well?

  2. Very nice packaging, but disappointing content aside from the cute stickers.

    1. Well as a frequent collector of mlp mini figures I hardly think they are “disappointing content” but that’s just my opinion I guess.

    2. That's fine; you like what you like, and sometimes it's not what others like (and vice versa). Just tired of the recolored G4 figures. Hopefully they'll have some fun G5 mini molds in the works for subsequent years (and expanded collecting opportunities).

  3. Good grief, that not-Gummy looks so awkward! Whose idea was it to ignore the eye molding? Maybe it looks better in person, but it's pretty silly. The newer eye style looks fine on the other pets, though.

    I'm not sure if I'll pick this up. I do appreciate Minty's inclusion, but the reduced colors on the pony characters and lack of anything but eye paint on the pets is a bit of a letdown. I'd also like to see G5-specific molds, but it wouldn't break my heart if they didn't happen since I'm not a big Blind Bag collector anyway.

  4. Disappointing indeed. At some point the blind bags just lost their groove. Most of the "g4" (and this movie kinda just looks like a slightly modified, cg'd 4.5) ones are awesome in their designs, names, variety. By wave 19 they'd begun to look cheaper, lazier, uninspired, redundant. Unsurprising to see that once more. I dig the crystal Winonas, though. xD Like the translucent purple glitter pupper who came with one of my Applejacks.

  5. Minty! So glad you returned!