Store Finds: Bedding Sets, Plush With Socks and Lots of G5

Time for another store finds post! Over the past few weeks merch news was pretty fast with release after release, so it's time to take a look at what's available in stores. We'll keep an eye out for what's coming in around the movie release and perhaps make another post later this month!
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

US - Loads of G5 at Target + Closer Look

We'll start with a quick catch-up on what's available at Target. I think many of you have already seen these at Target (and Walmart), but we'll just share here what can be found on the shelves, as well as some unboxed photos and comparisons.
(Thanks to College Prep & Alex)

US - Halloween Pinkie Pie Plush at Walmart

Remember the seasonal inflatable Pinkie Pie from last year? This Halloween we get to see another season Pinkie Pie special, and this time as a plush! This "Pinkie Pie Halloween Greeter" comes with orange and black striped socks on all hooves, a bow tie and witch's hat. She's available at Walmart for $19.22, which is a great deal as she's around 27" tall.
(Thanks to Hibiscus Stitch, Jessie & Andrew)

US - Sheet Set at Kohl's

If you want to transform your bed into a G5 overload, then you should visit Kohl's. They now offer this Full Sheet Set with a fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow covers with mane 5 ponies, except for Hitch by the looks of it. They're made of microfiber and cost $59.99.
(Thanks to lulamae_flyaway)

Russia - Bedding Set at Wild Berries

Another sheet set can be found in Russia (and possibly more countries) featuring Sunny Starscout. It costs around $20 and is directly available on Wildberries.
(Thanks to Solbit)

UK - Smyths Stocks G5 Figures

Those in the UK and Ireland can now visit their local Smyths and find G5 figures. The same figures are available online as well. There aren't any exclusives by the looks of it.
(Thanks to Ayu)

US - G5 Activity Sets

At Target you can not only get most of the G5 figures, but also several licensed activity sets. This includes a Bath Playtime Activity set with foam pieces, bath-friendly crayon and a bag, slap bracelet set and a DIY purse set featuring Izzy.
Also shown below is a Necklace Activity set, featuring the complete mane 5, spotted at Macy's. Some of these sets are also available on Amazon, as seen in our G5 merch idea list.
(Thanks to Autumn, Victor & Splash Lights Photos)

US - Dollar Tree Finds

Some new items have been found at Dollar Tree stores, including newly shaped Magic Towels, 'Special delivery' Pop-Outz and a set of 8 jumbo crayons (yes they removed 2 colors since the last find, still non-toxic though).
(Thanks to Amy)


  1. why sunny's roller skates are purple! because on other unboxing the color of the skate are blue and why she have a scarf it could be rare design of sunny starscout toy

    1. It's because there are accessory color variations- mine has the teal skates and lilac bag as well. Some sets will have the reversed colors alongside the "correct" ones. It's actually pretty common- sets as early as G1 had color variations with the same colors being switched around! I've even seen EG Sporty Style Sugar Coat with reversed legs, which seems to be about 50/50. Alternate colors usually aren't any rarer than the advertised ones.

      As for these guys, I've only seen reverse Sunny locally (or else I'd gotten the movie-accurate one), but have seen Izzy sets with pink, orange, and green teapots, with the teacups using the other three colors in each case (the fourth color for the tea set is purple, which is the only color I've not seen the teapot in- though it wouldn't surprise me if I did!).

      This is probably going to be a common thing going forward. If you're picky about your sets, I recommend buying them in person so you can pick which variant you end up with... Or, you could go crazy and collect them all!

    2. ok thanks for your information but i not being buying g5 toys because my country is in the Philippines. but if i buy on amazon the prize of the toy is 1,100 pesos or 22$ (with shipping). but i dint have enough money to buy on amazon because i didn't collecting money to buy that so i will waiting for 2022 (or more) to release the toy on our country

  2. (re comment)

    why sunny's roller skates are blue?because on other unboxing the color of the skate are blue
    purple and why she have a scarf it could be rare design of sunny starscout toy

  3. this is whhy i dont want to live in the netherlands :(