Closer Look at Kwistal Fwenz + Chase Celestial Twilight

The responses on the new Kwistal Fwenz range that Mighty Jaxx is planning to release this month have been very positive so far! Today we can share some more detailed photos on these figures with you, including that of the chase figure.

And yes, that really is Twilight Sparkle! This variant is called the 'Celestial Edition' and is basically a Twilight figure with the colors of Celestia. And while the regular Twilight comes with a stack of books, this version includes a tiara as an accessory.

We also have detailed photos of the other ponies included in this first series below. These come from the listing on Mighty Jaxx' own website, where a countdown reminds us that it's another 24 days before we can start ordering them. We'll post another reminder when they are available, and also hope to be able to make a review of these around the release.


  1. My wallet. And I was this close to wanting to swear off buying more Pony toys.

  2. The only issue i have with the current Mighty Jaxx figures (since x-ray wave 2 and now the kwistal figures) is that it looks like they removed the "guranteed factor" from a full tray so that it now is totaly random what figure you could receive.

    Considering the price for a full tray i wonder why they did step back from this cus it prevents me from buying the full tray when i have no gurantee to get the regular ones with the additional chance of the rare ones.

    For the Kwistal figures it would make sense to receive the mane 6 while there is the chance that TS is either to normal or the rare version. I mean they even removed the text about "receive the mane 6 for sure when buying the tray" for the 1st wave so i´m at least happy that i purchased at least wave 1 short after the release while for wave 2 it was already not more the case.

  3. this is why i should stop visiting this website. my wallet hates me