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My Little Pony Kwistal Fwenz Figures by Mighty Jaxx

We had to wait more than a month but from today on you can now order the brand new adorable Kwistal Fwenz Figures by Mighty Jaxx! Each figure is chibi-shaped with their manes resembling crystal, each pony is also addorned with a small accessoiry like Rainbow Dashes goggles and Applejack's apples. This series also contains a chase figure which is Twilight Sparkle with Celestia's color scheme. When you purchase a case of six you'll have the chance to get this rare version of Twilight.

You can order them here for $12.99 each. Or a case with 6 for $74.99.
We also have a referral link ready for you which gives you $10 off $100!
Official Description:

  • Come meet your favorite My Little Pony characters in a new blind box collection - the Kwistal Fwenz! Designed to mimic the look of precious crystals, feel the magic of the My Little Pony come alive with the Kwistal Fwenz. Featuring 6 regular characters, 1 rare, will you unlock magic and collect them all?
  • Bring home Kwistal Fwenz: My Little Pony and experience endless magical fun with your new best fwenz! 
  • Purchase a Case of 6 to get all 6 regular characters, or if you're lucky, 5 regular characters and the coveted rare piece.
  • Licensee and manufactured by: Mighty Jaxx International Pte Ltd
My Little Pony Kwistal Fwenz Figures by Mighty JaxxMy Little Pony Kwistal Fwenz Figures by Mighty Jaxx



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