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Store Finds: Costumes, Mega Movie Friends, GITD Stickers & More

Time for another store finds post! In this edition we have an almost full G5 line-up of finds with loads of merch, but also a new find of the Mega Movie Friends.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

Online - G5 Halloween Costumes by Disguise & Amscan

After some very early leaks earlier in the year the MLP: A New Generation halloween costumes from Disguise and Amscan are now well available. So if you're still looking for a costume, check all available outfits and wigs on Amazon.

Online - Second My Little Pony: A New Generation Box from Amazon

And if you order from Amazon there is a chance you'll get your order shipped in a box covered with ponies! The version we first saw only featured the female ponies from the mane 5, but apparently there's a second design in circulation that includes Hitch as well!
(Thanks to Victor)

US - Mega Movie Friends & Activity Kit at Dollar General

In the Dollar General discount stores the Mega Movie Friends (at least Izzy & Sunny) and this Art Activity Kit is now available. The ponies are $10 each, which isn't that much of a discount compared to the $11 MSRP, and the kit is $5.
(Thanks to Rana)

Australia - Reversable Hat at Big W

At Australian Big W stores you can now find this cute hat with Izzy, Sunny and Pipp, that is also reversable to reveal a second design covered with Izzy and Sunny.
(Thanks to Chirpytoys)

Target - First G5 Creative Books From Bendon

We've seen plenty of creative merch from Bendon in the G4 era, and in the past week they also made the move to G5. At Target new version of their My Little Pony Imagine Ink and Coloring & Activity books can be found. Fun detail: the listing call MLP: A New Generation 'My Little Pony Movie 2'.
(Thanks to Victor)

Russia - Glow in the Dark Stickers and Tattoos

And over in Russia you can also get creative with stickers and temporary tattoos with G5 designs, all released by PrioritY. One of the sticker sheets even glows in the dark!
(Thanks to Solbit)

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  1. There is only one Amazon box, but it has a different image on each side :)