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Store Finds: Costumes, Mega Movie Friends, GITD Stickers & More

Time for another store finds post! In this edition we have an almost full G5 line-up of finds with loads of merch, but also a new find of the Mega Movie Friends.
If you happen to find brand new stuff in your local store, then feel free to write us a small message with photos.

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Disguise Songbird Serenade Costume Pops-Up At Target
On the Target website a listing has shown up for a deluxe costume of Songbird Serenade by Disguise for $25. While Disguise recently announced their full line-up of MLP The Movie costumes, and this one wasn't part of that. That fact combined with the info that all Songbird Serenade so far are only available at Target is a strong hint that this costume is going to be another Target exclusive.
Below is the description that Target provides for the costume, which will be available in sizes S (4-6) and M (7-8):
Become your favorite pony, the hottest musical act in Equestria, Songbird Serenade in our Songbird Deluxe costume. Get the complete Songbird look with our tunic, pants, glovettes and mask. Tunic features matte satin fabric on bodice and shimmer organza glitter fabric with cutie mark skirting overlay. Pants have elastic waistband and flare hem with glitter organza fabric.

Halloween MLP Merch Special
It's almost time for the day of trick or treating: Halloween a.k.a. Nightmare Night! To prepare you for a evening in pony-style we decided to write a special post on My Little Pony Halloween merch. We've selected costumes, accessories and other attribute for the perfect Nightmare Night that are available in the US and are currently marked as in stock, so they arrive in time for October 31st.
The prices we list are the lowest we could find and are based on medium-size or one-size.