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My Little Pony Holiday Gift Guide 2021

In need of some My Little Pony gift ideas for this year's holidays, but haven't found the perfect gift yet? After the release of My Little Pony: A New Generation on Netflix there is so much to choose from, but we're happy to help! At MLP Merch we've been following the release of new pony figures, toys and merchandise since 2014, and have compiled a new gift guide for the 2021 holidays.

We aim to make a guide with gifts for everyone: from budget-friendly ponies to flagship releases, and gifts for small kids to adult collectors. We also try our best to include listings that ship international from Amazon, so anyone is able to order. This guide is not sponsored, but does include affiliate links to help us maintain the site.

Core Ponies

Every generation of My Little Pony feature a group of ponies that are the star of the show/movie, or are released as toys more often. With the 5th generation of My Little Pony that group consists of 5 ponies: Hitch Trailblazer, Izzy Moonbow, (Princess) Pipp Petals, Sunny Starscout and Zipp Storm. Of them Hitch, the only colt, is the least common to find, and Sunny is represented the most.

One of the first releases to feature the complete "Mane 5" is the Crystal Adventure series. Every pony (3") is available separately, each with a gift-filled crystal. Including clothing items, all pony come with 20 accessories each. Get them on Amazon >

Also released are Movie Friends and Best Movie Friends sets with ponies at a lower price point. Except for a comb with the Best Movie Friends these have no accessories included. Both sets aren't well available online at the moment.

Singing Ponies

If you're looking for the wow-factor, then we're sure you'll like the Singing Star Pipp and Sing 'n Skate Sunny. As the names suggest, both ponies can sing songs from the Netflix movie and Sunny comes with a remote control to make her skate around! Pipp is 6" tall with brushable hair and soft wings, and Sunny is 9", also with brushable hair but with glittery solid wings. Get them on Amazon >

Prefer a singing pony that is softer on the outside? Just Play has this 13" singing Izzy plush, with a glowing horn too!

Perfect Advent Gift

The Snow Party Countdown advent calendar gives you a relatively cheap kick-start in the world of blind bag sized (1.5"-2") figures with 16 ponies, 9 animal friends and stickers. This all comes in a beautiful box and is sure to keep the daily opening a thrill with a figure for every day. Get it on Amazon >

For the Readers

Aside from pony figures there is also plenty to read! We can recommend the A New Adventure picture book, Ponies Unite for learning readers and the 2022 Annual full of fun activities and information about the ponies. Find more books on Amazon >

Getting Creative

If you're looking for creative activities with a My Little Pony theme, be sure to check the Tara Toys range of activity sets. Whether you want to create My Little Pony rings, necklaces, bracelets, totes or purses: it's all possible! Get them on Amazon >

Retro Fashion Bags

This might be the perfect gift for lovers of retro ponies: Loungefly released these mint green shoulder bag and wallet with Starshine design earlier this year and are equally gorgeous and practical! They're relatively pricey, but according to the reviews the quality of them compensates well for that. Get them on Amazon >

Super Soft

This Sunny is called Pillow Buddy for a reason! The super soft pony by Franco stands 16" tall and is ideal for cuddling and has a solid mane to prevent it from getting frizzy after a night-long hug. Get her on Amazon >

More Ideas

Graphic t-shirts, styling ponies, motorized quads: there are so many more ponies to discover! If the list above didn't suit your gift needs, you can always take a look at our My Little Pony: A New Generation Idea List filled with everything that is available right now.

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  1. Amazon still has the advent calendar backordered until December, fyi. I ordered mine in September and just had to reconfirm that i still wanted it. The latest update was the first-to-second week if December for delivery