My Little Pony Kwistal Fwenz Series One Review

This fall Mighty Jaxx did a 180 in regards to their My Little Pony figures: from partly dissected ponies to the cute Kwistal Fwenz. There was a little delay in the delivery, but we finally received our review box (thanks Mighty Jaxx!) and can take a look at this brand new line of collectible figures.

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It's never a surprise what's inside the cardboard outer box: every box has a print on the outside to confirm what series you get! Since this is a 6-piece set the box is a bit smaller than the Hidden Dissectibles, but at least they didn't save on protecting the inner box: additional cardboard on the top and bottom, as well as foam corners to make sure there's enough room for small dents and cuts without harming the display box.

Figure Boxes

We take a quick look at the individual boxes, as there is something new to mention here! There are now two ways to open each figure box: either by opening the flaps on the top or bottom, or by tearing open the box in the middle by the seam. That last option is easier, but will of course damage the box. So if you want to keep the boxes for display later, opening them on the top or bottom is the way to go.

Inside each box is what we're used to from Mighty Jaxx, including the figure and character card still in foil, the base in a clear bag and the Forreal Verified info card. All bases are blue, so they don't directly reveal which character is included, but the pin placement is slightly different.

The Figures

Each figure comes with a protective plastic mold to protect them inside the box, and some figures have their accessories protected by the same mold (Applejack and Rarity). Their accessories are connected with a pin to the base, so are luckily not flying around. Other accessories are molded to the ponies and cannot be removed.

The ponies are slightly larger than the Hidden Dissectibles (4" vs 3") and have less flimsy details (such as the bone wings), so placing them on the base is much easier. The pastel blue is a nice twist on the pink bases from the Hidden Dissectibles, but more variation on the bases would have been a nice touch as well.

On the first things we looked at were the manes and tails, which are the core feature of the Kwistal Fwenz series: brightly colored translucent manes, with facet cuts to mimic that of crystals. We were very excited after we saw the promotional images, but have to conclude that in reality the manes and tails don't look as good as expected. The colors are less vibrant (except for Pinkie Pie) and the 'cuts' are less sharp, which makes it harder to see the intended design, especially with Applejack. Perhaps with the right lighting it looks better than on our photos, but we think that safety regulations and production limitations caused the figures to differ from the original idea.

Unpacking them was exciting until the end, as our last character was Twilight Sparkle, but which version? There are no duplicates in full boxes, but it's a game of chance whether you get the chase Celestia Twilight or a complete mane 6. Turns out we received a box without the chase, which we're still happy with. This way we can show you the original mane 6 in detail.

Forreal Verified

As seen on the box these figures also feature the Forreal Verified NFC tag in each base. Remove the sticker, scan the base with the Mighty Jaxx app and link your figure to your account. In that process the legitimacy of the figure is checked, so you know you bought a real figure. Want to sell or transfer your figure? You can move the ownership right from the app as well. See our earlier review for all details on that.

Get Them at Mighty Jaxx

Want to add the Kwistal Fwenz to your My Little Pony collection? They're now available on the Mighty Jaxx website and app in both single boxes and full cases with 6 boxes as seen in our review. And don't forget our referral link for $10 off $100 for the complete Mighty Jaxx catalogue.


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  2. Those are VERY cute! Just wish they had come out sooner, so we could have more cute MightyJaxx figures, since I guess we won't have much more.