New Sets With Sunny & Pipp Coming in 2022

Online two brand new My Little Pony sets have been found that are most likely going to be released in early 2022: the Royal Room Reveal with a Pipp Petals figure and a set with Sunny Starscout that's currently labeled as 'Spring Driver' and 'Color Game Lantern'. Both sets come with surprising new features not seen in earlier sets!

Pipp Petal's set Royal Room Reveal comes with several pieces of furniture that reveal a colorful design once they touch water. You don't need to soak them in water as a handy cup and a small brush are included. In total the set comes with 23 accessories to complete Pipp's room.

For the other set with Sunny we haven't seen the packaging yet, but the current listing names for this set are 'Spring Driver' and 'Color Game Lantern' (translated from the German Farbenspiel-Laterne). The lantern is essentially a capsule/gashapon machine that comes with 8 colored balls that you can fill with any of the included accessories. A ball can be retrieved from the lantern by twisting the key on the side.

The lantern can also be used as a carrying case, and the Sunny figure (with separate horn and wings) fits right inside. This set also comes with a bracelet and charm, as well as two sticker sheets.

On Amazon US the Royal Room Reveal is already listed for $15.99 with an expected release date of January 1st. Sunny's set is only listed on a handful of European Amazon sites and in the UK for now, without a price or expected release date.

Thanks to Andreas for the heads-up!


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  2. https://www.brandora.de/Product/ProductDetails?ProductID=516138&Name=Hasbro%20-%20My%20Little%20Pony%20-%20Eine%20neue%20Generation%20Prinzessinnen%20Zimmer%20Prinzessin%20Pipp%20Petals

    It's from Brandora.


  4. The sunny's lamp looks cool, but what's the point of it? What does it do? I am a bit cofused, like does it just spit out balls and thats it?

    Also Pipp is possibly a gamer girl? Thats a cool concept :O

  5. Ah yes here we go again. same figure, 100 different play sets. what is up with the Sunny one?