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Cupcake Mystery Plush Released in China

When we look at recent My Little Pony releases from China, such as the Pop Mart figures and Bloks building sets, it's clear that G4(.5) is still in full swing in China. Today's new release is no exception: over on Tmall a listing popped up with blind box cupcake plush.

The plush are absolutely adorable and feature Cutie Mark Crew versions of Pinkie Pie, Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia fitted inside plush cupcakes. These can be zipped open to reveal the pony, but also carried along with the attached keychain. Each pony has a unique cupcake design, but these won't be visible from the outside: these are only available as blind boxes, but it appears that all ponies are equally divided over the boxes.

If we look at the provided size of the box is seems that the plush stand about 5-6" tall and do not feature hind legs or a tail, very much like the Itty Bitty plush from Hallmark. They have glittery manes and Celestia comes with her necklace.

List price per box is about $15.50 each, but they're currently on sale for $5.50 each at Tmall. At this moment it's unlikely whether these will be released outside of China.

Thanks to Ayu for the heads-up!

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