Store Finds: Easter Items, Good2Grow, Izzy Helmet & More

Thank you for reading our latest MLP store finds post. We want to start with a different note than usual, mainly because we're struggling with the current format of the store finds. These post take up quite some time to prepare and because of that the frequency has decreased from once every two weeks to once a month or less.
We also have quite a busy schedule ahead in our lives which will cause us to have even less time for intensive posts like this. We don't want to move away from sharing the latest store finds, as everytime we asked in the past, you were all positive about the content.
Because of that we're thinking about new ways to share store finds, without the need to invest complete evenings in compiling a post for them. We have some ideas, but would love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments. It's much appreciated!

But, for now we'll share the submitted store finds in this post. Enjoy!

US - Hitch Crystal Adventure Figure

Many have asked about the availability of the Hitch Crystal Adventure figure, as it did not appear to be (well) distributed with the initial wave of figures. Above photo is from Target, where we've seen reports of people finding him on the shelves, but if you can't find him there you can also check Amazon and Entertainment Earth for their availability.
(Thanks to Splash Lights Photos)

EU - New Fluttershy Magazine Figure

Around Europe (at least UK & The Netherlands) new MLP magazines are bundled with a Fluttershy figure that is a re-design of earlier figures and seems to be based on the same mould used for the 3D erasers.
(Thanks to Sebby)

US - Good2Grow MiXUPZ

We recently posted about the first G5 characters as Good2Grow toppers, but forgot to mention that in the US you can find chibi G4 MiXUPZ as well! Store that sell Good2Grow bottles should have these and/or the G5 toppers in stock now.
(Thanks to Steven)

US - Glitter PEZ Found at Walgreens

Back in 2020, around the time the global pandemic started to disrupt the world, news reached us that the glitter variants of Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Twilight Sparkle would hit the stores after 2 years of delays. We don't know whether these were indeed released at the time, but we only now got the first report of them in-store (at Walgreens).
(Thanks to College Prep)

US - Easter Items at Walmart

Towards Easter we traditionally start to see filled baskets and buckets with My Little Pony themed items. This year Walmart releases a huge MLP designed pail that you can fill yourself. It's $6.98 and can be found in the Easter aisle.

Prefer something that's already filled? Walmart also offers a new Gift Set, Activity Egg and Sticker 'n Color. The later two are new G5 items, the gift set still features G4 designs. We're not sure about how new the content is, but the bucket is from last year.
(Thanks to Samantha, Beth & Applebutter)

US - Izzy 3D Bike Helmet

And one more thing that can be found at Walmart: a 3D bike helmet designed after Izzy! It's not just a print on a helmet, as this also features elements to form her muzzle, mane, ears and horn. Available on the Walmart website for $24.97, but probably also in stores.
(Thanks to Solbit)

Sweden - Coloring Book & Stickers

On first glance this looks like a regular coloring & sticker book that would only focus on the mane 5, but behold: a sticker sheet that features many more ponies from MLP: A New Generation! It's released by Story House, a subsidiary of Egmont, so it's likely that this book will be released in other countries as well.
(Thanks to Josefin)

UK - Finds From Home Bargains

Over at Home Bargains you can now get your hands on these cute G5 hoody and pyjama, as well as a key charm with rubber G4 faces and a puffy attachment.
(Thanks to Sebby)

US - MLP Sets at Five Below

Not sure which of these have been reported before, but see this as a reminder of all the merch that can be found at Five Below!
(Thanks to Splash Lights Photos)

US - New G5 Play Pack

Over at WilCo, a relatively small grocery store chain in the US, you can find these Play Packs by Bendon. It includes a small coloring book with 24 pages, 4 crayons and a sticker sheet.
(Thanks to Samantha)

Indonesia - Licensed G5 Merch by Adinata

A company called Adinata just released a new range of G5 stickers and color books in Indonesia, as well as a pencil case featuring all ponies from the mane 5.
(Thanks to Solbit)

Germany - Royal Room Reveal

This "Prinzessinnen Zimmer", better known as the Royal Room Reveal, was found at Smyths in Germany. The set is available for €21.99 and comes in the plastic-free packaging, just as in the US.
(Thanks to Andreas)


  1. I love these posts, but I can see the time issues. If you posted every time you found a new item I wouldn't be bothered because I check in quite often and there aren't often new posts. But if you wanted to post less, you could compile items from the same country into one post so that everything isn't mixed together? Hope this helps!

  2. that izzy helmet looks terifying O.O