KFC Indonesia Reveals G5 Kids Meal Toys

Ever since the teaser in December we've been following the social media of KFC Indonesia to wait for more information about their line-up of My Little Pony G5 toys. Today they shortly revealed the full set, but removed it quickly after. Luckily there have been some shares of the images, so we can still take a look at it!

With thanks to Instagram user malciputraseraya we learn that at KFC Indonesia you have a 1/2 change to get a figure or a random accessory. Hitch, Izzy, Pipp and Sunny get their own figure, whereas Zipp is only featured as what looks like an eraser. Also included are a small picture frame, heart locket and a small notebook (we think).

As usual with these fast food toys you get one for free with a kids meal, but at the moment only in Indonesia. Perhaps neighboring countries will receive the same toys in the near future, but it's unlikely that KFC will release these globally. If we hear more about it, we'll be sure to post about it!


  1. Hitch and Pipp look really goofy

  2. The expression on Trailblazer is just hilarious! 😂

  3. Hitch and pipp looks like they drink eye potiond