We just moved to our new home, and what's a better start than a review of the second Kwistal Fwenz series in a freshly decorated room? Yes, we received a review box with thanks to the people at Mighty Jaxx, so let's take a look at what's all new with the cute crystal ponies.

But before we start, know what you can get $10 off your order over $100 at Mighty Jaxx (applicable site-wide) if you use our referral link.

Delivery & Packaging

Since Mighty Jaxx has a partnership with DHL (they even have a line of DHL-themed collectibles) shipping is fast from their Singapore warehouse, and even though the parcel was shipped to our old home, we were able to change the address on the fly to our new address.

The outer cardboard box has had a little update, as the black-and-white picture of the contents have been removed, and it only gives the name of the items inside. The text is large enough, so you can still see which box is which.

Inside is the actual box, and directly we can see the size difference compared to series 1: you now get 8 figures in a box, compared to the 6 from the first series. On the outside we can see a sneak-peak of what characters are included and the chase is still a mystery (just kidding, it was already announced that Nightmare Moon is the chase). Also mentioned on the packaging is the Mighty Jaxx Xtended Xperience, more on that later in the review.

Figure Boxes

The Kwistal Fwenz line features blind boxes, so from the outside it's not visible which pony is inside the box, they all feature Princess Celestia on the cover. To reveal the insides, you can choose to tear open the packaging, or open the folds on the top or bottom. We chose the last option, as it keeps the box in display-worthy state, know that you might need glue to properly close them again.

Inside we find a sealed foil bag containing the pony, stand (now comes in a handy ziplock bag), a Forreal information card and a loose character card. The first series had the card in a foil wrapper, as the character card already reveals which pony is in the bag. While this does save on packaging and plastic, it can ruin the surprise. So if you want to keep the surprise until the last moment, but sure not to peek at the card.

The Figures

Compared to the first series, Mighty Jaxx took care of possible issues with loose accessories and fragile details, as none of the ponies required additional plastic shells. They were all solid and fitted snugly on the included base. Most can stand on their own, but with the base you're absolutely sure they won't fall over.

Each figure comes with a crystallized, translucent mane and tail and some sort of accessory. Some of which are also coated with a metallic paint for an even shinier appearance (especially Princess Celestia). The colors of the ponies are vibrant, and we especially like the mane colors of Maud and Starlight (with kite!). With Starlight and Celestia there is also a clear flow of colors in the manes visible, which is best seen when rotating the figures. This look good on Celestia in particular as she has a very pale white body, accentuating the mane colors.
Lyra, however, has a mane that is too blue for our liking. While the paint might match the color code of the show, in reality it seems off as the color is too different from her body color. A tad lighter, or more green pigment would have fitted better.

As seen on the photos, we didn't pull the chase Nightmare Moon. But no worries, we're happy with all characters that we did get (which is the complete line-up of regular characters).

Forreal Verified & Xtended Xperience

Bootleg figures are a common problem with popular franchises, and My Little Pony is no exception. To battle this Mighty Jaxx release their figures (even those in blind boxes) with NFC chips in the base that you can scan with the Mighty Jaxx app. Here you can verify that your figure is legitimate and link it to your account. It gets nicely displayed on your virtual shelve, together with other Mighty Jaxx figures. If you later wish to, you can also use the app to transfer ownership to someone else after you've traded/sold it in real-life.

As mentioned on the box these figures are part of their Xtended Xperience program. According to their own article this should unlock more digital experiences, but we couldn't find any within the app. They do mention that they're actively developed more experiences, so maybe we just have to wait for support of the Kwistal Fwenz.

Available at Mighty Jaxx

Series 2 Kwistal Fwenz are available on the Mighty Jaxx website or app in single boxes ($12.99) and a pack of 8, including the outer box ($99.99). Be sure to register with our referral link if you want to get $10 off your $100+ order.


  1. super cute! would get some if shipping wasn't $40 for only 2 boxes :')

    1. Have to agree with anonymous here. Shipping is absolutely ridiculous, I wanted to buy a whole set but $40 shipping just seemed extremely unreasonable. Even adding their $50 applejack hat and making the order $150 still had $40 shipping. Just feels like they should make shipping free on large orders or at the very least offer a cheaper shipping option.

  2. It seems like since G5 has been out the amount of merch and quality have been downgraded in comparison to gen 4, I like seeing that the older generation (4) is still around somewhat with products like this, but it honestly feels like they’re intentionally keeping G4 on life support to fill in the gaps they’ve given us with G5.

    They put so much effort into building this new generation’s world and characters, and then dropped the ball. It’s like there’s only a halfhearted effort to even try at this point.

  3. You can also order them from bigbadtoystore.com.

    1. yes but then its $140 instesd of $100 so the shipping is incorporated into the price

  4. Replies
    1. is that a new kwistal fwenz series toy?