Zipp Storm Hallmark Ornament Coming This Year

We're still busy with the new home, so we don't post as much as we used to, but this is a reveal we don't want to wait with! Aside from the 2022 Pinkie Pie keepsake ornament, Hallmark will also release a G5 pony this year: Zipp Storm.

Back in May when Pinkie Pie was announced, we already noted the lack of a second release this year, with now regular ornament in the line-up. Why the reveal was delayed is unknown, but thanks to this Amazon listing we now know that Zipp will be available this year, and what she'll look like!

At this moment the listing is not available for order, probably because she hasn't been officially released yet, at least, not on the Hallmark website. We did receive info that the listing was up for a brief moment for $9.99 with a release date of August 31st - so the wait is not too long for the actual release.

Thanks to Caek & Samantha for the heads-up!


  1. WOW!! a new Ornament from generation 5 is zipp storm? that's so cool.

  2. If not for crappy smug eyes, I'd buy it

    1. At least her eyes aren't both outwards facing like some others.

  3. Still super bummed the Hallmark series of G1 pony ornaments is seemingly over.

  4. Why does it look like someone snapped her front leg? I'm sorry, but she's awful.