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MLP Wave 19 Blind Bags
ToyWiz has listed the 19th Wave of the Blind Bag Series. And this one basically confirms all our speculation as it's Rarity-Themed to fit with her Friendship is Magic Collection Release. As expected most of the included Blind Bags are related to Rarity themed Episodes and/or Areas like Manehattan. This set also includes some recognizable characters like Fancy Pants and Coco Pommel. The expected release date will be March 2017. You can pre-order a Whole Box on ToyWiz or go for one pack. Have the listings below! I will include an image with the blind bags and their show counterparts later so stay tuned!

MLP New Blind Bags
A lot of new Blind Bags have been spotted on Taobao. First of all we get a look at the Nightmare Night Themed Mr. Carrot Cake but then we also got a bunch of new characters. You can find them all below. (with the exception of Fancy Pants which you can see in the image above) What's interesting is that almost all of these are Rarity related or they aired in an episode where Rarity was present. This could indicate that they are perhaps the chase figures of Wave 18 which is combined with the Rarity Friendship is Magic Collection set. Still that's just speculation for now but a lot of Rarity Themed Amazon listings have appeared on Amazon lately. (here and here)

You can find all the Blind Bags below and we also included their Animation Counterpart to make it more easier to ID them.