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Wave 16 Blind Bags on Amazon + CODES
Finally we get some more official info on the wave 16 blind bags, this time through Amazon.
Not only do we see some of the figures more detailed than ever, this also reveals the final bag and card designs. Earlier this week we anticipated the blind bag codes for this wave, and it matches! Below we have the complete list of codes and characters, but you can also find them in our MLP Blind Bag Database (we'll update the images later).

MLP Roseluck Wave 16 Blind BagMLP Fiddly Faddle/Fiddlesticks Wave 16 Blind Bag
 Two possible Wave 16 Blind Bags have been spotted on Ebay. We Already posted about Sassaflash who would be part of Wave 16 some days ago but a new Nightmare Night-themed chase figure has been found as well: Fiddly Faddle (or Fiddlesticks, she's named Fiddly Faddle in the CCG).
Together with her we also found a new Roseluck Blind Bag who looks a bit pearlized. We already speculated that Wave 16 is going to be a sort-off re-release of Wave 6 with including the same characters and I think we can confirm that now.