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Wave 16 Blind Bags on Amazon + CODES
Finally we get some more official info on the wave 16 blind bags, this time through Amazon.
Not only do we see some of the figures more detailed than ever, this also reveals the final bag and card designs. Earlier this week we anticipated the blind bag codes for this wave, and it matches! Below we have the complete list of codes and characters, but you can also find them in our MLP Blind Bag Database (we'll update the images later).

Sky High Releases Peachy Pie Eraser
It seems that a new pony eraser is available at target by Sky High: Peachy Pie! Looking at their track record it's no real surprise that they released one of the lesser known ponies, as they've release 6 ponies before, with only 2 members of the mane 6. The price for this eraser is $1, so it's fairly priced for a nicely molded eraser. But in contrast to those released earlier, Peachy Pie does not come with a playset.
Thanks to Ryan, Vincent and ShyBreeze for the info and images!

Florina Tart Wave 14 Blind Bag
Well this came quite as a surprise! it seems like Amazon has listed the 14th wave for the Blind Bags already! Only days after we found Wave 13. This wave will feature translucent ponies like Trixie and the Peachy Pie we spotted yesterday. Royal Riff and Amethyst Star are also included. There are also at least 2 chase figures again from the Apple Family. We have Florina Tart who has a complete new mold, and we have Apple Cobbler.

It's unknown who the others in this series are. We hope we can figure it out soon!