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MLP Wave 14 Blind Bags
For some reason it seems like Singapore get stuff first most of the time. Well it seems like they are already selling wave 14 here! (We're still stuck with wave 9 or 12 btw) It came quite as a surprise how close to eachother Wave 13 and Wave 14 are being released. What we can also see now is the fact that Florina Tart does have a tail. Click here to see the Wave 14 Blind Bags in out Database.

Thanks a bunch to toothless for the heads up and images!

All About MLP Merch Wave 14 Blind Bag Codes
First we hear nothing about the Blind bags, and suddenly the box for the wave 14 ones has already appeared online! Entertainment Earth has also listed some listings. Just like the Wave 13 ones you can pre-order the box, but if that's too much you can also order 5-6 bags. They will ship out this July according to their listing. We have no information when these will hit the stores.


Florina Tart Wave 14 Blind Bag
Well this came quite as a surprise! it seems like Amazon has listed the 14th wave for the Blind Bags already! Only days after we found Wave 13. This wave will feature translucent ponies like Trixie and the Peachy Pie we spotted yesterday. Royal Riff and Amethyst Star are also included. There are also at least 2 chase figures again from the Apple Family. We have Florina Tart who has a complete new mold, and we have Apple Cobbler.

It's unknown who the others in this series are. We hope we can figure it out soon!