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MLP Funko Hikari Gold Dust Rainbow Dash Figure
It's Hikari Friday again and it's the day when Funko reveals a new Hikari everytime. Today we finally see a new version of the Rainbow Dash Hikari as the gold one got listed on Entertainment Earth. This one is called the "Gold Dust" Hikari and it's limited to 1000 pcs. You can pre-order it on Entertaiment Earth for a total of $49.99 and she will be available this April. If other sites list this one as well we will update this post.

Thanks to Aquatic Neon for the heads up!

Pre order her here!

MLP Gold Dust Rainbow Dash Funko Hikari Vinyl

MLP Merch Poll #56MLP Merch Poll #55 Results
Last week we asked you what your overall thoughts of the Cutie Mark Magic line is. A huge part of the votes when to positive answers, with 45% liking everything, 19% liked the characters and another 13% liked the designs of Cutie Mark Magic ponies. 19% of you liked the line a bit (or at least not more than other lines) and only 4% didn't like it. That's a pretty good score for Hasbro overall! In the beginning people were still a bit sceptical about the patterns and charms, but this seems to have turned over in the past year.

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MLP Glitterific Rainbow Dash Funko Hikari
And a new Hikari has been found and this time it's the Glitterific Rainbow Dash one. A total of 400 will be made of this piece and this one will be a Modern Everyday Exclusive. There's also Amazon listing where you can get it for $78.67

Amazon Listing: Glitterific Rainbow Dash Funko Hikari - $78.67
Here comes a Glitterific Rainbow Dash! 10 1/4-inch tall My Little Pony Modern Everyday Exclusive! Limited edition of only 400 pieces!

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MLP Rainbow Dash Glitter Noir Funko Hikari Figure

And a new Rainbow Dash Hikari has been spotted and this time it's one that we actually didn't expect! This time we have a Black Rainbow Dash Glitter Hikari and a total of 1500 pieces will be produced. You can pre-order her for on both Gemini and Entertainment Earth websites. She will be available at the end of November.

MLP Rainbow Dash Original Glitter Funko Hikari
A new Funko Hikari Rainbow Dash has now officially been revealed. We already knew this one was coming but now it has been officially listed. The Original Glitter Rainbow Dash Hikari is now available for $49.99 which is quite lower then the other ones. This one is also limited to 1000 pieces, more then the other ones as well. This one will arrive this November. Have the listings below.

Thanks again to Aquatic Neon for the heads up!

BigBadToyStore Exclusive Funko Hikari Color Storm Rainbow Dash
A new Funko Hikari Rainbow Dash has appeared and this time the BigBadToyStore Exclusive one got revealed. This one is called the Color Storm Rainbow Dash (not to be confused with the NYCC Glitter Color Storm Rainbow Dash) A total of 500 pieces will be produced and you can pre-order one here for $79.99. It will be available in the 4th quarter of 2015.

Many thanks again to Aquatic Neon for the heads up!

MLP Rainbow Dash Glitter Color Storm Funko Hikari  NYCC Exclusive
It's been a while since we heard anything about all the Funko Rainbow Dash Hikari's. But it seems like a new one has been revealed. We already saw her during the NY Toy Fair this year but now one of the Gradient Rainbow Dash' has been revealed to be a NYCC 2015 (New York Comic Con) Exclusive. Only 600 pieces are made.

The New York Comic Con will be held on the 8th of October until the 11th.

Rainbow Dash Funko Hikari Vinyl Figures
The first images of the NY Toy Fair are slowly starting to appear. At first have some new Hikari Figures by Funko. As you can see there are lots of Rainbow Dash Variants on the way. I think they all look very cool! I love the new dynamic pose they have and their original designs and paint jobs.
Stay tuned for more upcoming images from the fair!
Thanks to POP Vinyls and AquaticNeon for the images!