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Last week we asked you what your overall thoughts of the Cutie Mark Magic line is. A huge part of the votes when to positive answers, with 45% liking everything, 19% liked the characters and another 13% liked the designs of Cutie Mark Magic ponies. 19% of you liked the line a bit (or at least not more than other lines) and only 4% didn't like it. That's a pretty good score for Hasbro overall! In the beginning people were still a bit sceptical about the patterns and charms, but this seems to have turned over in the past year.

For this weeks poll we'd like to know which of the Funko Hikari figures that has been announced so far you like the most! To give you a little help in choosing, here are all the posts about the Hikari figures:
- Regular
- Metallic
- Glitter Color Storm
- Color Storm
- Original Glitter
- Glitter Noir
- Glitterific
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  1. @BuildabearinsiderNovember 10, 2015 7:50 PM

    The Color Storm Dash is my favorite, it reminds me of Lisa Frank art!

    1. @Buildabearinsider -- TOTALLY!! My favorite is Glitter Noir, but I agree with your point 100%!